WeltraumAmy - MULE Chamber Music

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You can't get away with a cheap, sparse arrangement by calling it chamber music. Anyone with basic know how of a sequencer and Edirol Orchestral Vsti could make this. I'm not the slightest impressed.
Not impressed by this whatsoever, it sounds way too repetitive and sparse and doesn't have the appeal that the original tune had. Not so hot really.
After Starpaws, I think WeltraumAmy should have taken a longer rest. This is forced, with no feeling put into it.
Empty, shallow, emotionless, it only scrapes past a "bad" because of the original sid
Wasn't this a preset song on the Roland MT-32?:)
Might deserve the 'poor' rating if compared to WeltraumAmy's previous Starpaws outing, but on its own it's not *that* bad.
I liked your starpaws one, this is a bit average and simple though.
Come on... It's not that bad :)
It gets better from the second half and is pleasant enough (too much reverb though), it seems like a work in progress... There has never been a remix using synthesised violins that sounds authentic & probably never will be, C64 Orchestra FTW!
The arrangement is lacking, even though it shows signs of life here and there. The instrumentation, though, is rather pathetic with too much reverb.
I think other people are too used to having drumsets and a more dense sound in their remixes. On its own, this isn't too bad, but it still sounds a bit too midi-like. Would probably sound a lot better if played with real instruments.
This song isn´t bad.:)
I kind of like it

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