WeltraumAmy - Star Paws (Pawstrongs Virtue)

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This is just so lovely and well written! For this SID the alternative style you chose was a perfect decision. But do I hear some soft white noise there in the background?
Very nice arrangement! Never liked star paws, but I could enjoy this.
Star Paws the orchestral way. Skilled arrangement, but what's up with the background noise? Anyway, this is a nice version not really rocking the boat.:)
Very nice arrangement...
Great opening, great idea. The arrangement wobbles a bit here and there (like at around 1:20 with the violins), the instrumentation is too synthy, but well done.
Very good remix. The arrangement really has its moments!
Nice arrangement of a standard Hubbard toon..... Welcome onboard the 64 love train....
Great idea! Louder toms and you can score high! Close to ornge.
My humble vote for the week.. Good arrangement... But something (once again) with the EQs, stereo image (almost missing) and a bit noisy (or is it just my site?)
Unbelievable song you did here I want more of this kind.
Overall a good remix, especially the ending. But the middle part with the harp arpeggios with strings is quite harmonically disturbing.
Just dont like kitsch orchestra versions
Don't get me wrong: I love orchestrals! But the choice here seems bad. The original tune had a completely different feel which was so unique for me that this destroys any nostalgia. Then there's EQ and reverb issues and some instruments sound like 8bit.
Nice drum work.
Started out very good, but unfortunately a few horrible parts pulled this one down in the mud.
Brilliant remix, it could been better more polished. And by the way I love military tunes. Great job
Nice, but no more.
The synth orchestra doesn't work at all

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