WeltraumAmy - Starpaws' Virtue II

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Arranged by:
WeltraumAmy Remixer
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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Some parts are really good and realistic, while others feel keyboard-played, stiff and lifeless. A good effort, but not quite there imo.
A nice idea to go orchestral with this, but as Makke said, some parts sound a bit on the lifeless side and lack dynamics.
A very brave effort of orchestralizing this tune. Could have been a little bit more dynamic but the effort was there.
Maybe I am not the objectivste person `cause I like the violin but it`s really an cool remix :)
Hey, I remember what would be version one of this! This is a big step in the direction I asked for in my shout back then: The unique feel of StarPaws is still in here and the instruments are better. I wish it didn't end when things got interesting.;)
I really like this orchestral arrangement! Sure, at times it sounds synthy, but the idea is great.
This is a fantastic effort, not at all what I had expected!
The orchestral take is an good idea, but seems a bit forced to me. It needs some genuine new ideas to make it interesting...
Very nice string work but I think the Brass sections let it down a little. Still, a unique mix of this oft-done piece.
Makke said it, but it deserves orange one.
Way to go, it´s awesome!
Not perfect for instruments, but very good!
Not bad but really not interesting style for me personally.18.12.2014

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