wendelin - Monkey Island Title [FLOWMARKT - IRON - AFFEN IN FARBE]

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wendelin Remixer
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Affen in Farbe

Monkey Island Theme with german funny Rap!

Hope you´ll enjoy it!
My first though was: What? ! Second though: AWESOME! This is great! I have no idea what's being sung about, except it's about coloured monkeys or something. Quality!
Sounds really great, but I can't give it top toppeditop top. The german language is still not the world language. And I don't fancy listening to this achtung bitte schnell rapping. Make an english version and I'll give top score.
This is a hard one. I personally don't like this genre but this remix just screams quality. I don't understand much of the lyrics but that should not be a reason for lowering the score either :-) Let's say it's really close to a red face.
*lol* Spitzenidee, super umgesetzt... Was will man mehr? Super.. Ich weiß genau, daß mir das Teil geht mir jetzt monatelang nicht mehr aus'm Kopp geht!:)
Nice idea.
The monkey island loop sounds cool to the rap, but I don't understand squat. :P I agree with Makke, if this were in English I would probably have given top score.
Great Idea! Nicely done... Wirklich fett, das Teil :-)
:-) hört sich ganz nett an.
Don't like rap and don't understand german...:-(
Awesome Track. They sing about people who sit in front of the TV all day, believing everything that is being said there and thus become "Affen in Farbe" (=monkies in colour)
It didn't manage to get above yellow; the lyrics ruin it. And not because it is German, thats utter bollocks. I miss connections to the game. A true remix needs more similarities than the title and one background loop.
Nice Beat
Sounds like Monkey Island vs. 'Fettes Brot'
If you don´t like it, it doesn´t mean that it´s poor or average. Great idea! I love Mash-Ups or Bastard-Pop... Damn: super arrangiert & genial abgemischt! Aber leider viel zu kurz :( I hear the people shouting: "We demand an X-
Text des Songs hat zwar nichts mit Monkey Island zu tun, aber die Monkey Island Musik ist cool in den Rap eingebunden. Macht Spass.
Don't like rap, but good mix
The "colored monkeys" are a transcription for that mostly silly stuff running on TV. If anybody´s interested I still offer to try an English review/translation of the songs lyrics.
Don`t like rap, but this is a nice idea and well done.:-)
Obviously well done. But it's german rap, which isn't that pleasant to listen to no matter the quality.
Over the top
Review by Ic3m4n


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I do not understand people who just comment to vote a track down...But that´s a topic for the board i think.

I would have loved this song, even it would be in english, spanish, chinese or swedish. It´s the artistic aspect that counts ! And not the nationality... Back to the track:

The relation is there. Great choice of lyrics ! And they are perfectly implemented.

The original theme is very accurate recreated. If i hear those caribbean, i feel like in old times. For me this song really transports the retro-feeling. "Nostalgika in perfecta !"

The mixing coulndn´t be better...the percussions, pads...simply everything is in it´s right velocity ! Something i still try to get right😉

But ! ... No Gem without a scratch ... it´s way too short :P - But this (personal) feeling don´t drive the rating down for me.

All three criterias are fulfilled and needs to have the tomato-face ^^

Hope to hear some more - sometimes