Bazooka Bill (Subtune 1)

Track info
Arranged by:
Westerling Veteran
Composed by:
Neil Brennan
All-Time charts position:
I like the mix of bleeps, pips and arpeggios mixed with real guitars!
Westerling is producing some top class c64 remixes - this is a tricky SID to tackle and he does it justice! ROCK!
Nice work, if a little too simplistic.
Nice, this, maybe needs a bit more tweaking but the idea's there and it certainly comes across well.
With every listen I like it more.
Technically very good, the guitars and the synth sounds do not match for me...
Upbeat and funky. Very well done and entertaining!
Very good
Well done. A bit repeating.
The drums sound like Michael Jackson's "Beat it", only a little faster. Extremely solid guitar work! Good guy, that!
I like its 'less is more' approach that works wonderfully in this track. One of my favourites.
The real guitars rocks, and they fit very good with the song.
Probably the best remix of this tune I've heard
Really like this tune! Makes me happy everytime I hear it.

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