Dynamic Range (Perhaps Not In Range After All)

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Arranged by:
Wobbler Veteran
Composed by:
Michael Hendriks
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So the story goes as follows: I was watching a re-run of the BiT Live in Bergen when I suddenly heard a very familiar SID-original being played at the show. I couldn’t place the tune, but knew it must had been in a few demoes back in 1989 (when I was part of Equinoxe), so I recorded a snippet of the tune and sent out to a few persons that might know the tune’s name. Slaygon came back a few days later with the correct name & composer (and Andreas Wallström even pointed out that Mr. Mutka had used the tune in one of his own demoes).


Anyway, the SID is in my opinion one of the best tunes made on the C64, and I did try to make something good out of it. But, perhaps any of the master-pro-remixers out there want to have a go at the tune so that we can have a good remix too? 😊

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Wow, the number of times I must've heard this tune in demos and crakctros!... I can't believe it hasn't been remixed before. You're right, Wobbler: I think there's more potential in this tune. Your remix is pretty good by itself, though, and cheers for keeping the whistle intact towards the end.