Phantoms Of The Asteroid (No Bass In Space)

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Arranged by:
Wobbler Veteran
Composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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This might very well be the remix I've spent most time fiddling around with in reach for apropriate sounding things. Quite happy with the result myself, but yeah, I know the mixing & mastering is the weakest spot. Hopefully you'll find my attempt worth listening to nevertheless.

Really liked that first 20 seconds, too bad that the entire tune didn't stay in that style.
Great atmosphere!
Yep, definetely worth listening. After the third play it catched me, finally :)
Nicely done, Wobbler!
Mission " Find apropriate sounding things" accomplished! Nearly a big fat, red Smiley but I can't get rid off the feeling that you finished your work on this Track too fast to get it finally done, after spending much Time before.
It so big, it blew my socks off.
Actually the first seconds let you hope in a sort of "It Doesn't Matter Two" (Depeche Mode) remix.
Review by LaLa


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Lots of very nice touches here: 1) great use of the choir, 2) really like that robotic-vocoder sound effect that can be heard occasionally, 3) the variations starting at 1:44, 4) the solid rhythm and bass track throughout. Some stuff I am not fond of: 1) the thin lead from 1:19, 2) the arrangement becomes a bit repetitive as the tune progresses. Overall, it's obvious a lot of time was spent on this beauty, definitely a keeper!