Wobbler - Wizball (the remix without a name-remix)

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Could well have been named "the sound-factory-preset remix". Or "the orbitalesque-lead remix". Or the "orchestral arrangements doesn't turn my knobs-remix". Or, "I intentionally fucksored the minors/majors up-remix".

Or, just about anything else. Hehe.

Hmmmm... Slinky :)
The background arrangement is spot-on. The odd chord-lead is something you have to get used to, though. Spacey for sure.:)
Sounds like a jumbled mess of ideas and sounds to me.
Very different approach to the tune and I absolutely adore it. It sounds lovely the idea is a brilliant one.. Great great stuff from the wobbly one
Gotta give points for originality. Can't say anything else yet, after listening to it only two times.
I like the sound and the general feel of this remix but what the hell happened to the lead... That kvart-like lead sounds really odd... IMO too odd... What a pity it kinda mess up the tune... That's a pity... Otherwise a good remix...
The lead is just too weird and ruins this song for me.
A nice little remix, nothing to get much excited about.
Sounds random, off-key, a bit too avantgarde for my ears. Good choice of instruments, balanced mix. It's just not for me.
Mellow... Missing some punch...
Didivided opinions in me... Good.
I feel harmonically offended by that lead. Could've been Very Good, but with this lead it just HURTS! Disqualified!
A pretty good attempt to do something different with a tune that has been remixed many times.
Nor good neither bad
OK, the lead is very orbital - but not as bad as some believe. It's a nice track.
Very nice effort, but the original SID blends a bit in this adaptation.
Strange and messy...
A bit too strange for some people, that lead just will kill it for some, sadly.

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