X-formZ - Comic Bakery (trancy version)

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This could have been really good and I do like the idea... However the mix is too "Bluggghh!" :(
Could do with some better mixing, It feels a bit like everything is everywhere.
It's not too bad, but there's not enough emotion of the original for me.
This is pretty nice. The lead sound is quite annoying though, and often drowns in the mixing. A little less tinkling in the background, and a more powerful lead would help a lot.
The melody seems to get lost often in the mix. And sounds more times than not just beats and baseline.
It's not that bad. I like how the instruments merge acousticly. The drums should have been louder though.
A different approach on an "over-remixed" score. Has no real highlight for me though.
Ah, something different and not the usual comic bakery stuff ;) Good vibes, a bit too repetitive. The orange one goes for not-the-usual-stuff ;-)
We could hear the Baker coming from far away. He showed up late and left suddenly.
I like how it starts but as it goes on, it loses the comic bakery feel O. O
One of the most interesting Comic Bakey remixes out there, perhaps the best. This guy really understands the materiar.:)
No relax moment, every instrument seems to compete for attention throughout the whole music
Just as spellcoder put it: The instruments seem to be fighting for your awareness of them.. Really liked the unsual approach though :)
_very_ cool starting in the first minute... Expected LOTS of this idea... But it sadly didn't really kick off in the later ongoing then! What a pitty... Could have been a _real_ outstanding _bummer_ of this cool 64'er track!! :-/ Try it again, pal!! :-D
Benn listening to that one for hours in a row :)!!!!
Not bad, but a little pulpy!
Started out good, but didn't keep the momentum. Too bad :/
Nice - I've burned it on CD for my car CD-Player - Brings me up to 100 km/ps in a few seconds ;)
I love this mix. Stands for it's own but still paying tribute to the original. So full of energy.

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