X-formZ - Flip the flop

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X-formZ Veteran
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Nice enough I guess, but doesn't "do" anything for me.
Very so Very X-FormZ and very Kicking - not substantial enough for me but nice and trance based and good - just missing some real ooommmmphhh!!!!
Nice track, but lacks the kick of the original track
Really nice trancy chill track, actually I had this sid in mind for remixing too, in similar style but wasn't sure if it would work... I like this interpretation.
Cool arrangement. Mixing could be better, sounds like there are too many bright sounds messing up for each other. It gets boring too soon and there are really nothing special happening beside the arpeggio at 3:30 which is nice enough, and ending is good.
I like it!
Very professional-sounding! Not my genre, but definitely well done!
Oh Yessssss! As good as his Green Beret or Comic Bakery - instant love!
I love this. It certainly 'does something' for me. Beautifully arranged and great choice of instruments, mix sounds spot on to me. Love it, love it, love it! Listened a few more times. Changing to orange :)
Its nicely done, theres nowt wrong with it quality wise. Another nice little tune from the X/Z's
Erm.. Yep.. And where is the original tune?
Smooth and pleasant but generic sounding chill tune.
Perfect! Love the genre and with tune this great, who needs the original?:-)
Lovely theme. Good choice of intruments, though there's a bit of impro soap, it works here. I enjoyed.
Wirklich guter Sound
Well put together, grows on you over time. Feels a bit mechanical, but the rhythm carries a good groove.
Nothing special at first then it just kept growing on me. Mixing is a bit off in places but nevertheless a great track.
Kjetiln and bordeaux said it all.
Absolute perfection. Sends chills down my spine each time...

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