X-formZ - Giana Sisters (FS I CB Mix)

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Hello Folks !!
My first trance remix ever and my first work in CuBase.
I didn't plan for this one to happen at all actually. I just played around
with the VSTs and this was the result.
Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary .. Just another trance version of Giana Sisters (subtune 5).
I hope it bring some joy at least =)

Take care..

Best wishes .. Dimmignatt from X-formZ
Regardless of how much this has been remixed and how little the world needs another Giana Sisters in this style, this is done very well. End is disappointingly done.
Sweet trance interpretation of the Giana main theme.
Okay, so it's another Giana Sisters main theme, but at least a little more imagination than usual has gone into it. That said, it's still a bit trance by numbers in parts and just isn't all that exciting either, needs more effort.
If there had been some synthetic pianos as well, this could've been done by Robert Miles...... Now it's not...... But a nice effort, although a bit anonymous in some parts...
Dancey dancey dance.. Round and round we go.. Standard affair nothing bad about it nothing good either.. Sits in the middle smiling.
Floorfiller for sure. But not my thing. Good production though!!
"Nothing fancy or out of the ordinary. " - yes, but still nice done.
Dimmignatt says it quite well himself: nothing fancy. I don't care much that it's not original, it just sounds good just as I expected before hearing it. Well done.:)
I really like this remix of the G sisters, exactly the kind of music stlye I think suits the original tune best
Nicely produced, but lacks of something, extra...
Mehh, it's oh-kay, but nothing really special. It leaves me indifferent.
There are some details that I do not like, and some awesome one. Calculate and you have good.
Very good production but main sound must be more eurogate style!! And have more chords...... It's giana!!!:0)
As I said: From now on I'm going HARD on giana-remixes... As there have been already WAY too many of that one anyways. And this one is just 'yet another trance-unz unz'-version of it! So no chance for me to rate it any higher anymore!
Nice punch. But the main tune doesn't sound as good as the rest of the tune. It's not a bad tune though!
It makes me mad to hear 2 new Giana Trance versions in the same month. I'm sick of this!!!
Fairly standard thump-music. Cleanly done, but average at best.
Sorry, but that kind of compression doesn't work. It sounds bad.

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