X-formZ - Giana Sisters (They are punks and they are back)

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A painting by numbers way to compose a tune but so god damn good
Now, where did X-formZ pull this beauty from? Never a bad musician but this is certainly far superior to any of his efforts previously.. Hats off!
I'll give it outstanding despite almost HATING those drum crashes. You guys are making some serious progress!
Not quite as good as Machinae Supremacy's version, but it's really good all the same. Uses a SID-like arpeggio properly mixed in with some killer guitars. Great fun, and breathes new life into this tune.
Machinea supremecyalike been done before and better but that isnt to say this isnt good.. Because it is
One of the most remixed song of everytime, well done.
Somebody have an ear defect giving this a red one... Sounds like a lot mish-mash (or how to say in english?)...
The arrangement and mixing is verry good! But it sound's to clean and digital for me, that's the reason why I didn't give an outstanding.
Really superiour arrangement. Sound-wise it is somehow close to the C64 version, but the instrumentation is more "machinae supremacy" like. Great.:-)
The idea is very good. But it lacks some punch! Listen to Machinae Supremacy's version, and you'll know what I mean. It does sound a bit too much computermade too. But other than that, a good tune.
Quite original and it doesn't have that ugly garage band feel, either. Great work, but some nostalgia is gone from this remix, thus my non-teeth showing smilie.
Nice one.
SID + electric guitar = ouch! At least in this case.
Review by romeo_knight


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

Mmmh, I'll try to explain why this is 'only' good for me though I normally love guitar orientated remixes:
1. There's already a far superior version of this sid in almost exactly the same style: Machinae Supremacy
2. I know it's always difficult to program drums that ought to sound like live drums but here it's too obvious, e.g. only 1 crash sound that's repeated over and over sounds awkward.
3. The guitar sound is too grainy and digital. There are ways of getting proper higain sounds without miking tube amps nowadays.
The guitar playing itself is really good and has decent timing.

Alltogether it's a respectable effort, but with Machinae Supremacy in the back just not good enough.