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Here is my attempt to do something trancy (again). Hope you like it.
I know, it has a long build-up and wind-down and many of you probably dont like that. Not to mention that it isn't an exact cover of the sid either. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't fit the ending of the original in here. It just sounded too strange.

// Floaf

"eliot shouts: Completly missed the spirit of the original tune...". Well, if I want the spirit of the original, then I'll listen to Liljedahls "Galway is god" I can't compete with that remix. Sorry that you dont like my remix.
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I just love this remix! Really subtle use of the Green Beret tune.... Lovely!
Very generous of him to admit his inspiration, because I would have said this was more "inspired by" than a remix of. Even the lead is different notes to the SID. It is very good though. This will be a perennial for years on Skitz's show I'm sur
It is very well done but not really a cover or remix.. Deffinitely as previously hinted an "inspired by" type of affair.
Very nicely done, even though the Green Beret-ishness of it is very subtle, yes... Bravo!
A nice effort all round, and extremely subtle but works well.
Hehe ive done a few of these and no ones understood where im coming from or complained WHERES THE SID? But then whats the point of calling it a remix if its the same? .. This is a case in point wd guy's I salute you :)
Yeah Baby! .... Behave....! Well, nice synths and real good tempo & drive... Appreciate it alot, although it might lacks a bit of nostalgic impact.
Nothing special, just another overrated dance remix. Originality is the key to a great remix.
I'm actually a bit bored by this remix. I find it repetitive and the thumping base distracts me. I'm sure it'd sound awesome in a club setting, tho.
Completly missed the spirit of the original tune (this gets minus x3)... Gets boring, too repetitive... And I got tired of always the same synths used...
Extremly repetitive and boring.
So far... So ok... (trance gets a bit 'oldfashioned' kind of... Meanwhile) But well.. Whoever still can't live without it... There you go...
The sound is good and it's well done
More than Great.:)
While I understand how this doesn't impress some, I think it sounds fantastic. Boomin'!
This is exactly how Trance music is supposed to sound like. I can almost smell the 90s club atmosphere.
If you like Techno (which I don't), then you'll probably enjoy this.
Oh this is kicking! Really good!
Excellent song!

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