X-formZ - Last Ninja Remix

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Euro dance esque arrangement there. Well constructed, and sweet use of SIDdy sounds.
As nice as it is, it's a little too predictably Eurodance for my liking. What's there is nice enough though but it's just a little lacking where the lead is - needs a bit more oomph somewhere to make it sound real.
Quite ok, but a little too repetitive and predictable. Floaf has written down his recipy now, perhaps it's time for an update, even though this is not bad at all.;)
Very Eurodancey but well produced and lovely choice of lead instrument.
Ooooooooh, Lizardkingy! Me likes. Me would listen to in my spare time! That lead's a bit lifeless though.
AWESOME mix.. LIKE it alot. Its very Perfect in my taste!:)
Even know this as been done lots of times now this is very nice and you would dance to it in a club!!!
Works well enough.. Pretty plain when you look at it though, but there are no real complaints. Good stuff
Nice one....
I simply love it and will probably listen a lot to it in the coming days!
Really catchy! Luv it!
Hey, this is simply amazing. Keep going X-form! I don't know if I've heard trance this good before
I would love to give u an orange... But u need to work on the mixing... The lead does not really catch up... The drum-pattern need more variations...
Love it, the dance type remixes always put me in a good mood. It's a good composition with good choice of instruments which complete eachother very well. Great stuff.
Hahaha! In the first 30secs. I was about to click very red... In the next 60secs. I was over the orange and when the lead came in first I was at yellow.... Later I was over orange again... And fell back to yellow in the very end! Damn! What a RIDE, dude!
A true remix-all the nostalgic effects with a nice uptempo backing track. This is how c64 remixes should be done. Bringing the SID tunes into the 21st century and appealing to a wide range of listeners.
Average dance remix, not much to hear or see here. No new ideas, just rehashes of old ones.
Well, a little bit too much "umpa... Umpa.. Umpa... " ;) for my taste. But verrry nice arranged. The reason I don't gave an "outstanding": The soul of the Original Song hasn't been transfered to this one.
Wow, great stuff!
Great shite, I love your dance remixes.
I hated the lousy game, but I love your remix. Reminds me somehow on the demo DOPE from Complex
This is an OUTSTANDING Remix! Best version I've ever heard, man! Thumbs up!
So many Last Ninja remixes, and still every now and then there's one that impresses. Like this one right here. Added to my collection.
Very nice!
Good remix that hradly keept the original but it is amusing and pleasant to hear
Love the sound, and love Chris Abbott's comment :D

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