X-formZ - The Arctic Circle (66.56756 edition)

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Great remix nice arrangment
Love it from the start! Excellent remix!
Excellent remix, very catchy.
Usually I find the combination of SID and hardrock-guitars poor, but this is really good!
The synths and the chip part are GREAT, too much guitar for my liking though
Starts out a bit uninteresting for my taste (I love almost all of your previous stuff), but kicks off well in the 2nd half. Hey, it's Floaf and Dimmignatt - gotta love it :)
Never heard this tune before, but there is no denying that this is VERY well done.. You can tell from just listening for a few seconds. Another great job.
Great but in many places it sound that there where putted to much different sounds and instruments or the arrengment was to weak, it needs some wrok on proper volume adjustment. The last 80 sec. Is great
Awesome, but am I the only one who thinks the drums are too... 'convoluted'? I think they should stand out more. But thats the only flaw I can think of with it.
Great job, pal!
Perfection. Beauty. Grind. Power. XTC. Love. If I had to take 5 tunes for an arctic winter, that would be one of them.
Very, very nice! Most of the metal tracks on RKO suck, but this one is really outstanding. I also have no problem with the drums.
Are we getting into power rock or epic rock, or... Well, nice job!
One of the best X-formZ remixes to date!
Wow thats bloody awesome. Great piano guitar combo, piano not overdone. Very nice
Chipmetal is my kind of stuff. The drums need a better programming / editing (there are some artificial sounding breaks), but anyway, it's a nice work \m/,
Awesome :D
Great sound
This is a truly outstanding mix of synths and guitars! I love the Dream Theater vibe.
Very good
After several listens, I changed my opinion... Upgrade!
Agree with the crowd here - Kick-ass!
Strange mixture of hard-rock guitars and synth instruments! Two worlds that don't fit together imho. Technically Ok though!

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