X-formZ - Trolls (Evil trolls from the dark forest mix)

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Excellent Rock remix here.... Nice lead and fantastic electric guitar work!
Gave this one Very Good dispite the fact that the drums sound utterly sequenced. The guitar sounded too good for me to be able to give it anything less.;)
Enjoyed this one alot, very cool guitar work
Nice example of someone taking on constructive criticism and doing something about it. In a previous upload of this mix, the guitars were muffled and really bad. Now they're tons better. Still not sure about using the original arpeggio, but good tune.
Almost Machinae Supremacy esque.:)
\m/ sweet piece of guitar work
Good. Decent timing on the axe, but the drums sound too static and not natural at all.
Well done. Lacking a hook in the original SID tho
Much improved version though instruments sound a bit artificial. Otherwise this would be a red smiley.
Well done, a bit unbalanced, the guitars are too loud, covering the background.
Laid back and funky. Cool.
Hubbard's Arcade Classics next, please! :o)
Nice guitars in most parts... Good remix! The other instruments are a bit 'average' in sounding and the drums come too 'cold' (sequenced)... Otherwise it could have been a real _killer-remix_! Let's wait for more!!:-)
Maybe it's just my speakers, but the main melody gets lost in the guitar background sometimes.. So it s just "very good" :)
Lots more positive things to say than negative!
Too loud for my taste!
Great remix really gets me going!
I said "Damn yeah! " out loud, turned my speakers up far too loud for my neighbours liking, and loved every second of this great tune! Tell me how you got that great guitar sound!
'King of the Hill of Chipmetal' nominee :) I still like Machinae Supremacy better. Max score from me, anyway.
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Here goes a well-balanced mix between C64 arpeggios, distortion guitars and punchy drums. I hear some live guitar work as well.

C64 arpeggios are in my experience difficult to implement in non-C64 music but here it works out elegantly. I credit musicians for at least trying to use the C64 sound, to mix old with new, and create a branch of music that is unique.

I do think the bass-guitar is slightly too dominant for too long, so it drowns the lead instrument. I think the leads should take the lead but here it's more like all the instruments want equal attention.

But the drums have perfect presence. Bottom line is, this tune is elected to a personal favourite.