Xenobioz - Hero Quest

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Arranged by:
Xenobioz Remixer
Original composed by:
Barry Leitch
All-Time charts position:
Too much reverb. Most of the sounds dont fit the song to make the mood. Some better mixing would help.
Oh, I hear what you're trying to do here, X - and I quite like that, but some sounds are just not up for the task.
First I thought this deserved 'good', but after a while the lead instrument started to getting on my nerves :-) Some more variation in instruments and style please.
Better instrumentation and mixing and also some more interesting parts in the arrangement would definately make this track score a lot higher in my book.
It starts good, but then it gets boring. Did you put a reverb on everything?
Gets on my nerves after 20 secs :(
Could have made it all the way to a yellow one with less reverb and better instruments.
God dammit! Where is the feeling!? The original does start where calm and then like going nuts after the big smashes.
This is what happens when you simply load the mod and change the instruments to new sounds
Not bad at all - but I`m a little bit bored, sorry
Good attemps are in, but could be much better.^^
Review by jackal


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

While the sounds are OK, I mean they are decent modern representatives of the amiga samples, this is where remixing becomes an art, you need to embelish the parts that simply dont work with synth sounds, you gotta try and take what the original samples were trying to do, and take it one step further.. A good example of that is where the strums were playing repetatively, on the amiga it sounded great, cos it was strums, and they were there, but when you're using real sounds, well nobody would mindlessly strum away like that, so you have to embellish it with fingering etc.. Gotta rate this one pretty low as there seems like there wasnt much work done other than load new sounds