XeNoMoRpH - Fairlight (Wild wild west version)

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Some really nice ideas thrown in here but the mixing lets it down, it sounds so thin
Interesting and funny ideas. Work on the details and the overall soundscape is needed, though.
While the song is, for the most part, pretty well put together, the sample used for the main theme just seems to kill the mood. A good idea, however.
Doesn't really work for me. Too MIDI-ish, static sounds, too much reverb.
I enjoy this one, nice flow to it, plus things with harmonicas rule ;)
Not a bad effort at all, some of the samples are very midi'ish unfortunately which lets it down some.. Maybe with an extra bit of polish and spit (in a bucket.. Like a real cowboy) things could improve, as it stands its just good.
OK idea but a sad choise of instruments...
Needs some rework, but grey to yellow upgrade for the ideas behind this arrangement :-)
Excellent idea, but like comments above mine, some rework could make it better.
I just cant get enough fairlight! Love this remix :)
The basic idea was very promising, but the execution lacks in every department: crappy instruments, so-so arrangement, poor mixing.
Well, the mixing loses a lot of it! Otherwise it could have been a higher rataing for sure!
The tempo is too slow and the instruments sound bland, especially the lead instrument sounds awfull (not 'plonky' enough, making it sound lazy and it's pitch sounds slightly off)
Lacks a bit punch, but gets a plus for the idea.
Not very wild, but interesting. Feels like space cowboys in a post-nuclear dream world or something. Too much reverb and a bit experimental, but original idea and good atmosphere.
Can't think of the wild west when hearing this, but a Monkey Island feeling that I get instead is strong enough to rate this fun albeit simple tune high.
Really love the intro (first 30 sec)

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