XOR - Cybernoid II (Fantasia Cybernetica Remix)

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Arranged by:
XOR Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jeroen Tel
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Welcome one and all!

Thanks for coming here and checking this out ;-)

Tech specs:

Sequencer used: Fruityloops

VST's used: Most of the fruity native generators, Pentagon I, Sampletank, Crystal.

FX used: Most of the fruity native FX, Endorphin, Silverspike Room 844 and ruby tube.

Build machine: Duron1300, SBlive.

Track build time: 3 months+ (My first son was born 24th september and as you might guess interupted somewhat the process 8)

What can I say? I really liked this track when I first heard it on the C64, and once I got into the remix groove, I couldn't help but want to do a cover of this great track. I finaly did it.

I always thought this track was catchy, the melodies are simple yet honest. Jeroen really did his work here, the percussion is nothing to write home about but he used alot of techniques to get chord like melody out of very limited resources whilst retaining the other important aspects of the tune.

I thought the track was dying for more complexity, both arrangement and fequency wise, so with this in mind I tryed to create something that sounded 'semi-orchestral'. I had a few more counterpoint melody ideas using a clarinet and a trombone, but alas my poor 'puter was not up to the task. I decided to stick with what brought the most life to the composition and trash the subtle elements that my computer could simply not handle.

OK, if you are reading this, thanks for dropping by, I appreciate it ;-). If you downloaded the track, my thanks and I hope you enjoyed.


XOR Fruityloops beta team
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The instruments sound a bit boring and cliche, maybe the mixing is too flat on it. The arrangement is faithful to the original. I would've liked to hear more of that orchestral backing that pops up here and there.
Too much reverb, but all in all not bad at all!

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