XOR - Lightforce 2006 (XOR's electronica remix)

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Arranged by:
XOR Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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A reasonable idea somewhat let down by a poor choice of instruments and mastering. Too many of the instruments are shrill and they almost seem like they're battling for control. And those drums are just too light and airy. Needs a remaster.
I quite like this although the instruments are somewhat "painful" in places and the mastering is a little dull - still overall it is good
Ow. Would be quite nice if it was multitracked and properly mixed: and with a nice mid-frequency notch.
The idea is so great, I can't give this less than yellow, even though the mixing gets a tad muddy at times.
I like this, but as it has been said, a dull and blurry production brings the rating down a bit.
Never really got on with the original sid really, so it's hard really to give this a fair shout.. It's erm ok though if at times the sounds either hurt or the reverse.
Feeling alot like vangelis's bladerunner tune, you'd think id have red faced this but 2 many glaring faults drop this from epic status 2 that terrible grey face, mastering is bad the sounds r high pitched n at times hurtful & drums are lacklustre :(
Not bad. 2nd sequencer instrument that comes in in the beginning (0:37) sounds a bit out of tune. Where's the bass? Could have been A LOT better with decent mixing.
Very nice! But as mentioned, the tunes lacks bass.
Instruments don't fit. Arrangement has quite a few heavy flaws. Reminds a _bit_ of 'oxygene-style'... But is surely way worse though...! :-/ And therefore it's also way too long, too!
Nice idea behind it, but I would welcome some mid freqs and less high freqs (outch, they hurt)
Quite good remix, keeps its groove throughout. Makes for good background listening. Could use some mastering work, though.
Good but nothing new. Well performed.
Great remix!
Lightforce has a very high remixing potential, and this potential has been exploited here quite well. Only the mixing could be better.
Nice. Good sound, good feel.
Such a great remix, really love it. I don't agree with the critics.
Review by LMan


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

This would be a killer track, if it weren't for the really poor mastering. The lead sound needs more presence, and the panoramic centre is just empty. My advise: set all levels to zero and redo the mixing and mastering from scratch.

On the plus side, I just love the backing, and the care for details. This would make a fantastic soundtrack for an 80s SciFi movie.