XxDUSTYxX - UNIT A - Interceptor-Cracktro[2007]

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UNIT A - Interceptor-Cracktro[2007]
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XxDUSTYxX Veteran
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UNIT A - Interceptor Cracktro (2007)


For this Interceptor-Cracktro - REMIX I connected my good ol' CASIO CTK-680 to my PC and I played all the lead- and rhythmparts by myself.

My shitty soundcard has no MIDI-Input, so I had to sample it via Stereo-Output... ^^

Enjoy this one!



Edit: ...after reading these first ratings I should throw my CASIO out of the window, eh?😉


Unit A - Interceptor (YouTube)



A terrible use of soundwaves. Do over, do right!
Very general midi:ish sounds and a bit muddy mixing combined with a quite dull arrangement.
What's this in 2007? Please use some samples instead of that horrible Casio sounds next time. PLEASE!
I'm sure you tried as best you could, but it just doesn't cut it.
It's okish :) could be done bit better because it lags in some ways with the drums.. And the piano sounds loveless... Try to work a bit more with velocity (volume, touch) in pianos.. It sound a bit to "digital" :) rest sounds okish.
The instruments!
Sound 2 much like an x86 midi track. Doesn't really fit to an amiga mix
Some one like it, some one not. It is very hard too find the line between Amiga Remix and Cover. So, I think very intresting.
As a fan of the original, I like this one. Well done!^^

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