Ziphoid - Comic Bakery

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Arranged by:
Ziphoid Remixer
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Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3
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Tribute to Mr Mister's "Broken Wings"

Composed by Martin Galway
Arranged by Ziphoid
Guitars by Magnus Högdahl
Mastering by Thomas Detert

After starting to remix Chris Hülsbeck's "Baby of Can Guru", I realized that it would be a truly hard thing to squeeze an 8-minute track into something that would fit on this CD. Therefore, I abandoned the idea and started looking for something else instead. I'd always thought that "Broken Wings" from Mr Mister was a great little track (not entirely true, since I actually hated it back in the 80s and started to like it some years later) and thought that I could do something with it. The only track that popped into my mind was "Comic Bakery" from the God that is Martin Galway. Even though it has been remixed quite a few times I thought that one more couldn't hurt and set out to try and do something good of it. Since the guitar is an essential part of the original "Broken Wings", I called in a favour from Magnus Högdahl, a dear friend of mine, who went the distance and just added some beautiful licks which makes the whole track complete.
Digital Album
I love it, but I think comic bakery has had its run of remixes now, cant listen to the SID anymore!
Comic Bakery learning to fly again! Awesome stuff!
Nicely done, a rather different take on a tune that otherwise has been remixed to the death nearly. I really like this tune and its' originality. I was rather worried when I found out what sid it was based on but I was proven wrong, good work Ziphoid!
I love the sound scenery and sounds in general in this remix. The original also includes some great c64 sound specifics, which you can find from the remix too. Excellent work!
Takeee... This broken wiiiings....
Review by Subzero


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There is nothing bad about ziphoids work here, everything gels together superbly, however comic bakery as a tune for me has lost most of its appeal as its been done to death. Im hoping for no more comic bakery remixes as the tune never seems to change.