Zyron - Nexus [Blue Terminal Mix]

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Zyron Veteran
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Speech made using text/rumours found in the game.

Final communique.
Find Tayo and free him.
Confirm 32 rumours.
Have you been here before?
We will go to the hideout.
You had better follow me.
Take this elevator down one level.
Someone will meet you.
Good luck!
This blue terminal locates people.
Push the joystick up to operate.
Problems are solved with the how to use function.
The pass you have will last a while for all levels.
The position of the grenade is entered in your locator.
Direct orders of Alfredo.
Export prof barraclough.
Gold mining.
Noon on April.
Five per cent of US consumption.
Ninety five point eight.
Million dollars.
Surgical corsets of New York.
Senator B Plum.
General Alfredo.
This area is forbidden!
Problem solved.
Glad you could make it.
I have to run.
Bye for now.
Great idea - love the speech bits... BYE FOR NOW!
Believe it or not, I have an unfinished remix of this tune on my HD which could be its twin brother.
Simply don't like it.
Nice idea, but maybe a bit too minimalist, and the speech tries to cover that deficiency somewhat. The mixing's also a bit on the overly loud side and could do with tweaking. It's promising, but it needs more work.
Suxx as a remix, but would be great on a "now that's what I call 8-bit" compilation.
Quite a bit odd, but I think I like it. *S*
Would make a good Background music for some kind of Game.
Not too bad. It does have some vibe. :) But not something you want to listen to repeatedly.
Hats off for doing something different, absolutely bloody well love this!
Yes, it suxx as a remix and I do not vote for "now that's what I call 8-bit" compilation :-)
Didn't really please me. Way too repetetive.
NEXUS!! Yes! There's has been NEXUS as well back in the days! Cool SID though! WAY too less remixes of that one on here! So dudes: C'mon! Do _more_ of that one (instead of Giana or Delta! ;-) ) This one was a nice start though! But there's _more_ in it!
Sounds dirty somehow. Like an old Hubbard SID, back in the days when he still used the plain noise waveform for the drums.
I really like this tune, it's something quite different from the other remixes out there thoug it isn't much of a remix as said before. Still thumbs up!
I´ve been waiting for this along time. It´s great. Good work.
Finally! A remix of the Game "Nexus". I wait so long. It sounds a little bit to flat. I think it can be better ;)
It sounds nasty & its way too long, and the annoying female voiceover is just to cover up the fact that there isnt much else going on.
I never get sick of this. Push the joystick up to operate!!
Nice tune. I'd like to hear more remixes of Nexus. Maybe LMan wants to upload it?
Simply annoying mix.
Difficult tune to remix but amazing version
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really like this version of a much forgotten tune sounds excellent and fully brought to life here...love it