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Review by buzzard (09/02/2006)

Rap is not my thing, so I judge the track on my opinion of it's musical merits.
Love the track, love all the samples and the composition of the tune.
One of the better technical remixes for quite a while.
I'd definitely like to see one of the classics remixed by these guys, something like the last ninja or rtype, because of the technical brilliance of this track.
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Review by buzzard (11/05/2005)

Most tracks have a shelf life of around 3 months generally speaking, you listen to it, like it, add to a good few playlists or burn onto several homemade compilation cds etc.
THen, inevitably, you get bored of hearing it and find something new to listen to.
This particular track is now a well over 3 years old and has lost none of the 'wow' factor from when I first heard it!

Not only was this one of the best remixes ever written, it still is as good, if not better than anything else since.

For those who never had a c64 - it's an amazing piece of music.
For those who grew up with a c64, it's a real sweet flashback as well.

The only question that remains now, is what happened to Machinae Supremacy???
Someone needs to kidnap whoever was responsible for this gem and lock them in a recording studio ASAP!
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