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Review by skyrunner (12/12/2009)

Great, thats just teh shit. Just the last days I was listening to the other remixes of this tune (of course there are already some good ones but...), wishing there would be a version like this one.

While freaking out, it suddenly was over at 1:30 playtime. wtf? You can`t be serious?!
I felt like a child whose lollipop got stolen.^^
Of course I know the original is only 1:30, too but nevertheless...

So, to show my disappointment its only a grey face at artistry, although its clearly a red one too like the other both categories.

No one with some common sense could really critisize Amoks technical skills.^^

Although sounding modern (of course) Amok catched all that nostalgic feeling. Will fit that 3d remake perfectly. I`m looking forward to that game too.

Well, please everyone voting sign that petition:
We demand a longplay version!!!
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Review by skyrunner (04/02/2007)

A nice idea to add lyrics and the guitars to the remix. But why didn`t you add some FX like Reverb or Delay to the vocals??? They sound a little inappropriate while the guitar fits very well on the other hand. And basically the vocals are good. You clearly can sing.

You gave away a lot of potential with the vocals.
So average rating for the technical merit.

The idea is very good and I basically like the lyrics. Guitars are very good. The tune has a good range of variety and never gets boring.
A very good rating for the artistry.

The nostalgia is always difficult to judge I think.
With the added vocals its like a complete new tune but its still recognizeable.
Good rating for the Nostalgia.
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Review by skyrunner (08/01/2006)

This is my first review here. Dunno why but by hearing this piece of music I got animated to do it.
It seems to me that Zzr put a LOT of work into this tune. There are quite a lot of variations and diffrent parts. This leads to what I like:

I like:
-There's quite a lot of variety ,the tune stays interesting
-also an interesting remix style ,quite unusual
-I like the chosen sounds and instruments ,they fit to each other
-The two covered songs are well combined into this remix

I don't like:
-the interpretation of the melody from 0:31 to 0:51 is not my cup of tea ,it's a little too weird for me ,would have been better to have it done like the part starting at 1:23
- the part from 3:40 to 5:10 is the weakest part of the remix. It's too long. Although there are variations of the beat within ,the rythm melody stays almost the same for over a minute.

Technical impression: The diffrent parts are combined very well. Breaks fit where they are. When it comes to mixing I'm no expert. But for me it sounds well and very dynamic.

Artistic impression: Zzr knows his buisness. Well chosen sounds and much variety. Normally I don't like break beats ,but for this tune I do.
A slight minus for the part from 3:40 to 5:10.

Nostalgic impression: Hmm ,thats difficult. The themes from the covered tunes are recognizeable. But this remix doesn't stay true much to the originals. Therefore the nostalgic value is quite low.
But good new ideas are not a bad thing for sure. So the nostalgic impression is not very important in this case.

Overall I think this is a good ,well done remix although a bit unusual
but that makes it interesting. I like to listen to it ,and thats the main point to me. It's worth listening. Give it a try.
Just download it and judge yourself.
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