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Review by Ic3m4n (01/05/2008)

I do not understand people who just comment to vote a track down...But that´s a topic for the board i think.

I would have loved this song, even it would be in english, spanish, chinese or swedish. It´s the artistic aspect that counts ! And not the nationality... Back to the track:

The relation is there. Great choice of lyrics ! And they are perfectly implemented.

The original theme is very accurate recreated. If i hear those caribbean, i feel like in old times. For me this song really transports the retro-feeling. "Nostalgika in perfecta !"

The mixing coulndn´t be better...the percussions, pads...simply everything is in it´s right velocity ! Something i still try to get right ;)

But ! ... No Gem without a scratch ... it´s way too short :P - But this (personal) feeling don´t drive the rating down for me.

All three criterias are fulfilled and needs to have the tomato-face ^^

Hope to hear some more - sometimes
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