My Amiga Remixes

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My Amiga Remixes

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Years ago(2004) I was registered here and had 1 song on here. (rings of medusa/nebula) I had not really done much music over the years becourse of health reasons and other distractions. I have been getting back into it with the mobile tools of today.

I have not submitted them to here to the main site becourse they are only a minute or so in length and I would not get above the 50% score yet:). I might(plan to) lenghten them later on and imrpove with new skills and submit. They are currently all on my soundcloud and youtube.

Here they are :

[Spotlight] This is the remix that was played the most times this year(2020) :

Further in order of creation/release :

A remix of red sector megademo loading music :

A remix of chaos engine world 1 :

A remix of 6beat by 4mat :

A remix of shadow of the beast 2 :

A remix of impossamole title :

A remix of a song from a demo by northstar and fairlight megademo III :

A remix of the music of Lost patrol :

I wil add to this post when I create new ones.

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