Editorial July 2020 - Sounds like a manifesto

Neil Carr

Welcome to July's editorial This issue talks about..... 


• How the corona virus has impacted on the scene

• My personal mission for remix64 and my plans going forward

• The imprtance of inclusion and diversity

• A remxier returns after 12 years of isolation - was it worth the wait?

Submitted by Tas
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An Interview with Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes

Key points of discussion are:


• A chance meeting with composer Peter Clarke

• Working at Ocean Software

• Freeload (Ocean Loader)

• Copy Protection

• Life after Ocean Software

Submitted by Tas

ÁROK/SLAY Radio remix compo!

Slaygon Rok Slay Radio Remix Compo


Greetings, 8-bitlings!

Welcome to our ONLINE C64 Remix Competition!

Background story: Árok party is an annual 8-bit demoscene event in Hungary, which, due to the unfortunate COVID situation won't happen this year.
Árok is (in)famous for its friendly atmosphere and its REMIX COMPETITION - no other 8-bit demoscene event had ever such a compo!
We miss the event so much that we want to honor it with organizing an online version of the unique challenge.

Árok Party team and SLAY Radio proudly present:


Árok started the annual Remix Competitions right after the MP3 player card for the IDE64 was released.
Just to be authentic, all the releases were played on the C64 since the beginning.
Participants take their favourite 8-bit songs and recreate them without limits, using modern instrumentation.
Join the fun, and compete with your own creation!


  • Pick any SID from the history of C64 music and be creative
  • Upload your contribution to https://slay.radio/arok (MP3, min. 192kbps bitrate)
  • Deadline: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - 23:59:59 CEST - Link expires after this, so be on time!
  • Compo: Thursday, August 13, 2020 at 20:00 CEST on SLAY Radio in our live show
  • Contributions will be faded out after 4m 30s during the compo
  • Contributions per artist is not limited, but be reasonable please
  • Voting opens from the start of the compo and closes on Friday, August 14, 2020 23:00
  • Results will be announced on August 15 on our webpage and social media channels
  • Please fill your entry's ID3 tag with Title and Composer data. Please denote SID and subtune the remix is based on.

We encourage all participants to write a few sentences about their remixes (why you chose it, what inspired you - Anything goes) in TXT or DOC format. This text will be displayed on the video stream. Upload MP3 and TXT/DOC as a ZIP!

Keep the competition clean and have fun!

Whether you compete with a remix or not, tune in to SLAY Radio and enjoy the show!
Árok is not dead - It is just hibernating for a year.

See you online and on location in 2021!

Spread the word!

Submitted by slaygon

Remixed and Remembered Volume 1: Razmo


Amiga demo group founder of Kefrens and c64 remixer Jess Donovan Skov-Nielsen (Razmo). Sadly Passed away a few week ago. He was a brilliant coder and a well respected musician on the Amiga and a very able C64 remixer. He was well known and liked on the remix64's forum for over a decade an contributed to the remix scene with 9 remixes. This is our way to pay tribute to him. 

Submitted by Tas
Check this out
Project: Galway

Project Galway

by Martin Galway

Amazing project that gives you Martin Galway's C64 tunes recorded directly from his very own chip, as they were meant to be heard: with the most sensitive and well-balanced 6581 filter ever heard. Highlights of this CD include the previously-unhead music from Street Hawk, and the extraordinary sensitivity of his Wizball soundtrack. Alistair "Boz" Bowness imported Martin's own C128D and wrote his own cross-assembler for this. If you care about the quality of the SID going into your ears: add this to your collection.

arrow_forwardCheck it out...

Listening Recommendation

 Last V8(When Kings Collide)

Arranged by daFrenz

Original SID with breakbeats . Uses the original SID only as long samples in the tune. Two minutes into the tune the solo finally appears, which is not bad. But the tune just goes on and on building on the first few bars of the SID, and never reaches the climax. Murders the original SID. Avoid it.

Review by LaLa

Random review

 Phat Frog

Arranged by MRT

...that 808 (or is it 303?) is drilling in my ears and sets free all the endorphines. great one!

Review by bgmnt

Latest Review

 Last Ninja 2 InGameLvl 1

Arranged by SirRobin

A damn decent effort for your 1st remix. Negatives first.. It IS muddy in the low-mid range instruments with the guitars getting almost lost amidst the synths. It makes the snare stand out a bit too much and the equal-velocities on the snare-rolls sound a bit 'machine-gun'-ish. That said, there are some really big positives here. The arrangement has creativity & good ideas which are only let down by the mix. I listened to the whole 6:07 to hear what else might be here. Welcome to RMX64 and give me more good arranging like this.

Review by Poke16384

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New album: Cinematic 64
Iridon joined Nah-Kolor as Graphician
Kimono entered the scene
Decoy left Excess
ND joined Censor Design as Graphician
JonEgg joined Genesis Project as Graphician
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