Remix News - December 2021


Here it is, the last remix news of 2021 and it's quite a doozy! Lots of great releases this month - and guess which remix is the spotlight of the month? (No cheating now, don't fast-forward. 😁) Lots of thanks to Mordi, Lea and SLAY Radio for their tireless work throughout the year with these video news, it's much appreciated!

Submitted by LaLa
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Vote for Remixer Of The Year 2021!


First of all, Happy New Year, everybody! We here at Remix64 HQ wish all of you a fantastic 2022 full of amazing remixes! Second - please, remember that you can still vote for the Remixer Of the Year (ROTY) 2021 awards. The last day of voting is Sunday, January 23rd (voting closes at midnight CET that day). The ROTY Awards have always been by the community for the community, so your votes are crucial. So, go ahead and pick your favorites remixes and remixers - every vote counts! Thanks, and keep da scene alive!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - November 2021


Remix News, November 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. Can you guess which tune will get spotlighted by Lea in this episode?

Submitted by LaLa

C64 Rocks by FastLoaders - Funded!


The good news: the C64 Rocks album by the FastLoaders has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter days before the end. The even better news: we can already enjoy Jarle's phenomenal rendition of Monty on the Run at the YouTube link below (of course, the tune will be featured on the album, too). Watch him rip through those impossible licks!

Submitted by LaLa

Interview with Encore64 Creators on SLAY Radio


Ziona and Slaygon at SLAY Radio interviewed Peter Clarke and Danko, two of the well-known SID musicians and remixers behind the upcoming new Encore64 album. Listen to their stories and enjoy their friendly banter at the video links below or at SLAY Radio's website.

Submitted by LaLa

"C64 Rocks" Kickstarter Near the Finish Line!


The Kickstarter for C64 Rocks, the newest album by FastLoaders has less than 10 days to go and it's oh-so-close to getting funded! If you haven't supported it, yet, now is your chance! Hit the link below for more details.

Submitted by LaLa

Encore64 - New Album Available for Pre-Order


Encore64 is an upcoming new SID remix album that's already available for pre-order at the link below. The album is hallmarked by such noted SID composers and remixers as Danko, Peter Clarke, Glyn R Brown, Vincenzo, Romeo Knight, Tomsk, and also features the first published works from Fred Gray for over 2 decades. Check out the link for short previews, and ooh, look at that, they have merch available, too! Also, tune in to SLAY Radio on December 9 for a live on-air introduction of the album.

Submitted by LaLa
Check this out
Remix64 V3 Syntax Era

Syntax Era - Remix64 Volume 3

by Remix64 Artists

Pure Geek-cheek! Take famous 80s tracks such as 19, Two Tribes, Too Shy, Billy Jean, Broken Wings and I Feel Love, painstakingly recreate the sound, and inject that into classic C64 music such as BMX Kidz, Comic Bakery, Sanxion, Arkanoid and Ghouls and Ghosts. Remixes come from amazing talent: Romeo Knight, LMan, Makke, Tom Detert, Tron, Moog, Binster, Ziphoid, Boz, Sonic Wanderer, Tonka, Skitz, Trace, Slaygon, iFadeo and even (gasp) a guest appearances here and there from Chris Abbott. You'll wonder how we could get away with such a cheeky tribute to the 80s: well, no samples from the original tracks were used, and the musical content has been replaced by the C64 tune covered. The CD also features some really great songs in their own right, which result from a perfect match between C64 melodies and hooks, the sound of SID, and classic 80s instrumentation, such as Ace II, Jethro Walrus, Aspar Grand Prix, and Dominator. The CD was the baby of Markus "LMan" Klein, who acted as Co-ordinator, remixer, artist and layout, and even made his own tea, ably assisted by Tom Detert who did much of the mastering. CD is in now shipping! Tracks are available in high quality VBR MP3 and FLAC (all non-DRM).

Check it out...

Listening Recommendation

 Bubble Bobble (Live!)

Arranged by Hampshire Regional High School

Brilliant! Absolutely love this! Wonder who's in the audience as they seem to be loving it too! Main theme accurately reproduced with lots of humour - then we have the invincibility music (which gets a big cheer) followed by the New Zealand story ingame music Great stuff and a lot of fun!!

Review by hillsman

Random review

 Lightforce (another Lightforce mix)

Arranged by J Lof

Being a big fan of the original 7 minute piece I much prefer to hear Lightforce in it's complete form. This remix is good but it misses out some good sections of the original piece. My favourite Lightforce mix is the Allister Brimble one because it's very faithfull to the original version I loved as a kid.

Review by andy

Latest Review

 Afterburner (High Energy Prog Mix)

Arranged by Peter Clarke

First ever review for me. Afterburner was the first full price game I bought for C64 - it was a game my dad wanted to play! While the game was very much OK, the music was super. And while there are a couple of good remixes out there, this is simply spot on. It kicks off sounding just like original SID, then we get the drums, the guitars, that simple, yet effective bass......and the tempo is perfect. Thank you Peter - my fav remix for 2021.

Review by hillsman

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