Remix64 20th Anniversary Compo Results


All votes have been compiled, and we have the results for Remix64's 20th Anniversary Remix Compo! Massive thanks to the entire Commodore remix scene for participating in this compo, whether as a remixer, as a voter, or both! Our deepest thanks to all of you!

Submitted by LaLa
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Remix News - February and March 2021


Remix News for Feburary and March 2021 by Mordi & Lea are available at SLAY Radio's YouTube channel. Sorry for the belated post, but we've been busy with the 20h Anniversary compo. Nevertheless, check out the videos and then please listen to and vote/comment on the new remixes!

Submitted by LaLa

The Def Guide to the Zzap! 64 Music Charts and Sound Ratings.


For so many Commodore 64 owners, Zzap! 64 was the magazine of choice.  It had a review system where multiple reviewers would play the game and agree a suitable set of scores, even if their opinions would differ depending on the game being played, a comprehensive tips section which was always a positive help for games proving challenging, and it was the first magazine to really touch upon to the way that the SID sound chip was being used to bring some quality game soundtracks to the masses, especially with the likes of their Musicians’ Ball interviews. In this Article Warren Pilikington revisits those charts and presents them in a statistical format.

Submitted by Tas

Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo Results Show


The results of the Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo are tentatively scheduled to be announced during a special broadcast on SLAY Radio on Sat, April 17 at 20:00 CEST (Central European DST). We also plan to have a discussion with various members of the Remix64 team during the broadcast to reminisce about the past 20 years. So, keep those votes coming and tune in on Saturday to hear who won!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo - Voting Phase


Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo - Voting is now open!


It is now time to vote on the entries! And we also have a surprise mini-compo for the voters - read on more fore details.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo Received a Staggering 49 Entries!


The deadline for entries for the Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo has passed and we are extremely elated to report that we have received 49 entries for the compo from a total of 36 remixers! (Yes, many remixers have sent in multiple entries!) The response to this compo has far surpassed our wildest expectations, to say the least. The total playing time of all entries is a mind-blowing 3 hours! And it's not just about quantity - as the voters will soon hear, the quality of the entries is very high, too.

Submitted by LaLa

Remix64 Compo Entries to be Showcased on SLAY Radio


All the entries of the Remix64 20th Anniversary Remix Compo will be played on-air as part of a special SLAY Radio broadcast on Sat, April 3 at 20:00 CEST. The voting page will also go live at the same time, so you'll be able to vote on the entries as you are listening to them on the radio!

Submitted by LaLa
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Chris Huelsbeck   To Be On Top

To Be On Top

by Chris Hülsbeck

Chris Huelsbeck's third album features another fine selection of his classic game music, all newly arranged and recorded in the studio as well as bonus tracks from his collaborations in dance music production.


Released October 15, 1992

© 1992, 2013 Chris Huelsbeck Productions


Track 1-2, 4, 8-9, 11-12 composed & arranged by Chris Huelsbeck. Track 3, 5-7, 10, 15 composed by Chris Huelsbeck & Pseudo D., arranged by Pseudo D. Track 14 composed by Chris Huelsbeck, arranged by Rudolf Stember. Track 16 composed & arranged by Joerg Schwiezer. Lyrics track 5, 15 by Juana Terry, Track 6-7 by Eddie Velez, Track 10 by Gary Clemens, Track 3 by Gail Duncan.


All tracks recorded 1992 purely digital at A.U.D.I.O.S. Studios, FfM except track 16 at Megasound, Hannover


all rights reserved

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Listening Recommendation

 Zoids (The movie)

Arranged by plasm303

Even if I am a big fan of the original SID, there are enough Zoids remixes out there to warrant being picky. A Zoids remix needs to have something special, and I can truly say this one has taken a special place in my heart.
Where the original is more of a stomping industrially epicy thing, the conversion to piano and female chanting took me a few minutes to adjust to. It takes a number of elements from Zoids, and puts them in a wholly different context in which they get new meaning. I'm surprised it worked as well as it did; this version carries a lot of emotion for me. I think the sounds of rain is a nice touch of atmosphere, but the 'female vocals' (I suspect they're sampled synths) in combination with just the right notes on the piano swoon me the most.

Review by egregius

Random review

 Metal Tusker (Subtune 03)

Arranged by XxDUSTYxX

WOW! This is definitively one of the most enjoyable remixes I have heard! Brilliant sense of creativity, lovely guitarsolos, technically impressive! Both thumbs up!

Review by Snake1

Latest Review


Arranged by Glyn R Brown

A brilliant remix but this is Glyn so, we expect brilliant. Nevertheless, once you get past the fantastic arrangement and arrive at the mix & the master, these are also spot on. The whole thing has a Tim Burton feel to it and it's only flaw is the length of the track. It's an outstanding piece of music and was easily worth it's 4th position in the competition..

Review by Poke16384

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