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Slaygon: Cinematic 64

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LaLa reviews "Cinematic 64" by Slaygon

Slaygon: Cinematic 64

An in-depth review of Slaygon's new masterpiece, Cinematic 64.

New GRG album: Hands On Shadow of the Beast II & III

GRG - Shadow Of The Beast

The German Remix Group has taken hands on Tim & Lee Wright’s master pieces Shadow of the Beast II & III. The album contains eleven tracks. Nine remixes in the style of new age and orchetral and two SID remixes.

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Necropolo: raKBIT


by NecroPolo

NecroPolo has produced a stunning album which is built on a vintage prog-sound: from hard as nails to Rhodes-heaven, NecroPolo has got beneath the skin of the pieces and created something which is totally authentic to their spirit.
As if that wasn't enough, this album features the first ever C64-executable album cover, complete with classic scrolltext and the original SIDs that appear on the album, in one PRG!
And if THAT wasn't enough, this demo contains the first ever usage of a revolutionary new SID encoding format which enables any complexity of SID to be played back with minimal raster time, no matter how complex the player! Named SIDRIP, this routine was produced by Hermit specially for this demo, because pieces such as Scoll Machine or Rimrunner needed to feature in this demo, and their players were far too difficult to squeeze into a one-file demo.

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Listening Recommendation

 Hunters Moon (Annikas Mix)

Arranged by ifadeo

This is a remix that has to grow on you, and will therefore not wear off as other tracks. It feels like electro beats, some sweetness from OMD´s work in the early 90s (choir-sounds) and something from The Cure (rhythm and the way the sounds are being "bend") to me. It does not sound like Matt "Last Ninja 2" Gray anymore and that is absolutely OK.

Review by putzi

Random review

 Cauldron II (claustrophobic edit)

Arranged by Infamous

I'll start off by saying I like this mix - quite alot actually. The build up of the tune and the way the drums develope is most enjoyable and professional. I also think this tune has a lot of originality going for it, and that even included the ripped 'Prodigy' sound. Infact the only thing that spoils this mix a bit is the harshness of the drums when they fully develope at 1:43. And again later in the mix. Just a bit too rough sounding and they tend to overshadow the tune when they play. However, judging by the title Infamous might have them just the way he wants them - so don't let my small gripe put you off what is essentially an extremely professional and enjoyable mix.

Review by tomsk

Latest Review


Arranged by Dr Future

Wicked! All I have to day really. Makes you wanna play it again. Peace out!

Review by Fozzee71

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Gubbdata 2020 (Sweden)
BEE #1 (Germany)
ATWOODS Summer Open-Air 2020 (Germany)
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ROTY: Remixer Of The Year Awards 2019! Time is running out!
New album: Cinematic 64
Remix compo at BIT Live 2019
8-Bit Symphony Pro FUNDED!
Ebster joined Excess as Original Supplier and Tester
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