Remix News, December 2020

Remix News 2020 Dec

Remix news for December 2020 thanks to Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.



Submitted by LaLa
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Press Play On Tape: F1 Simulator Live


Another great video from their live streaming concert earlier this year!

Submitted by LaLa

Nexus 6581, 20 Years On – A Look Back and Review by Warren Pilkington, December 2020.

Reyn Ouwehand's Nexus 6581

Following on from our 20 year look back specials, Warren Pilkington looks back at the Nexus 6581 album. Question is, Does it stand the test of time?

Submitted by Tas

Christmas Special Editorial: 20 years of RKO (The charts revisited)

C64 Christmas

In the year 2000 Jan Lund Thomsen's RKO ( was born. Finally, a resource that enabled remixers to uploaded their remixes for the world to enjoy. Before that time the remixing scene were made up of several websites spread around the internet. Finding these sites and jumping around from one to another was a painful and a somewhat chaotic experience. Over the years RKO would establish itself to be the one stop shop to get your c64 remix fix. In this Christmas editorial special we go back through the years and present the top 3 remixes voted by our readers from each year to the current day. So grab a cuppa sit back and enjoy whilst we take you on a nostalgia trip. Oh! and if you haven't voted yet on these remixes here's a chance to do so. Happy Christmas everyone.

Submitted by Tas

New live video from PRESS PLAY ON TAPE

Beyond New Live Video From Press Play On Tape

PRESS PLAY ON TAPE had an online concert just recently and are releasing the individual tunes they played, as announced on the interview on SLAY Radio. This time's it's the C64 only tune from Crazy Comets (and Mega Apocalypse). Enjoy

Submitted by beyond

HVSC #74 is Now Out


HVSC #74 is now available. The update adds 786 new SIDs - including brand new SIDs by Jeroen Tel, Danko, DRAX, JCH, Laxity, LMan, Linus, Mahoney, Dane, Vincenzo, Waz and many others! So many wonderful new SIDs waiting to be remixed by you all! Plus this HVSC update also has the usual set of various fixes to older SID files.


Submitted by LaLa

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude - Review by Lee Tyrrell

Amiga Power Cover

A review of the spiffing new Amiga Power CD double-set by Podcaster Lee Tyrrell

Submitted by Chris Abbott
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Chris Huelsbeck   Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1

Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Vol. 1

by Chris Hülsbeck

Chris Huelsbeck presents: The »Turrican Soundtrack Anthology«, a comprehensive 4 volume collection of music from the Turrican series of games, faithfully recreated, arranged and updated with high end studio sounds. This volume covers Turrican 1.


released November 24, 2013

Produced by Chris Huelsbeck
Co-Produced by Jan Zottmann & Thomas Böcker
Mastering: Hans-Jörg Maucksch (Pauler Acoustics)
TSA Logo: The Light Works
Liner Notes: Audun Sorlie
Booklet Layout: []


all rights reserved

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Listening Recommendation

 Nine Lives

Arranged by MRT

Things get serious at 5:17, never heard this track before but this remix works very well with this tune. A stand out remix of the year IMO. After listening to this a few times I now would love to hear a similar yet heavier version that goes on for a bit longer after it steps up past 5:17

Review by Ryrynz

Random review


Arranged by o2

If somebody knows how to sound like JARRE , then it's definitely O2.
A great remix of a great SID ! It shows me that the man behind the machines is important, not the machines behind a man ;o) ....
which means i do own a SUPANOVA,too, but i can't make it sounds like JARRE !!!

Review by tom

Latest Review

 Tomcat - Galata RemixX

Arranged by Anonymous

I like the Middle Eastern instruments. Soundtrack gaines ethnicity with nostalgic vibes. Peace & Respect for artist!

Review by trapdoor

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