Remixer of the Year Awards Show 2018, 17th February

Roty Cup 2018

You, the people, have spoken. The results are in, and will be presented in a live radio show:


Tune in to SLAY Radio on Sunday, 17th February 2019, 18:00 CET


The show will be hosted by Ziona, Slaygon and Boz, and probably surprise guests. From the SLAY Radio team: The time has come to celebrate and acknowledge the remixers' work in the C64 and Amiga community by presenting the yearly ROTY Awards, as voted by the users at This year it's SLAY Radio's turn to give out the awards and give you a run-down of what happened in 2018.


As it is tradition, SLAY Radio and SceneSat Radio band together for this special occasion to broadcast the show on both channels.

Hurry and vote for ROTY 2018

Roty Cup 2018

The voting deadline for the Remixer of the Year Awards 2018 is approaching, so by all means go and vote for your favourite tunes and artists of 2018!

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Back In Time 2 CD

Back in Time 2

by Various Artists

Back in Time 1 broke a lot of ground, so the sequel aimed to raise the bar. The second album used some extraordinary talent such as Peter Connelly, Jogeir Liljedahl, Tonka and Danko to provide a much more varied soundscape than the first. Highlights include the beautiful orchestral version of "Forbidden Forest", the ultimate feel-good remix "Wizball 2000" and the spine-tingling "Galway is God" Rambo/Green Beret medley, as well as featuring a remastering of the first ever C64 Remix: Rob Hubbard's own "Thalamusik" from Zzap!64 issue 26. Round that off with an extended club mix of Comic Bakery and Fred Gray's own funky interpretation of his own Batman theme, and you've got a CD which still stands the test of time today.

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Listening Recommendation

 Parallax for Piano

Arranged by Linus Akesson

Linus did realy understand this composition. From my point of view Parallax lives - more than other c64 songs - from it's melodical patterns. It reminds me to Mike Oldfields early stuff, like "Hergest Ridge" or famous "Tubular Bells". These songs develop melodical patterns step by step and transform slowly theme into theme. To discover the straight way to the soul of those pieces, it's a good idea of bringing them down to the piano.

Linus' piece even inspired me to do it myself this way :-)

Review by ayman

Random review

 Commando (Sound of SceneSat Edit)

Arranged by Firestorm

Wow.. It's beat Rastan as the greatest track of all time on RKO.. quite a feat.

What an amazing tune to listen to, very much reminds me of the Unreal Tournament tracks.

Firestorm, you have created a track which sounds so amazingly professional it really is no wonder it's hit number one.

I very much look forward to similar remixes from you in future.. Well done.

There needs to be a new smiley made for this track.

Review by Ryrynz

Latest Review

 Bombo (vocal mix)

Arranged by Sanjo Ride

The vocoder vocals are pretty cool, although a bit hard to understand, because the syllables are too distinct, too robotic, there's no flow to it. The rest of the track could've used some spicing up, but overall, it's a decent remix!

Review by LaLa

RGCD C64 16KB Cartridge Game Development Competition 2019 (United Kingdom)
Ambient SID Music Competition 2019
Bee(r)s & Kebäb (Sweden)
Revision 2019 (Germany)
Moonshine Dragons 2019 (Poland)
Flashback 2019 (Australia)
Gubbdata 2019 (Sweden)
Arok Party 2019 (Hungary)
Bunkerparty 2019 (Germany)
Zoo 2019 (Finland)
2019-03-19 20:00 - #2155: ziona and Slaygon - Just another RRS
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Remixer Of The Year Awards show 2018!
RIP Ben Daglish
Leuat joined Offence as Author and Coder
Beastifire joined Shadowfire Association as Coder
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Beastifire entered the scene
Crime passed away. RIP.
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