Árok Party 2021 Remix Compo


Árok Party is back! It's online only this year, but its traditional remix compo - the only remix compo at any C64 demo party - is also back.

Submitted by LaLa
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Celebrating 25 Years of HVSC!


On July 12, 2021 Update #75 was released by the HVSC Crew, marking exactly 25 years since HVSC was first released. Read on as LaLa reflects on this momentous achievement...

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - June 2021


Remix News, May 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.

Submitted by LaLa

Uncle Art: A Temporal Shift


Apparently, Dave Lowe made a remix album a few years back. Yeah, I didn't know about it, either. Apparently, he made it together with his daughter. And apparently, there is a movie, too!

Submitted by LaLa

Back In Time Live 2021 Announced!


Back In Time Live is back! In time! LIVE!


Mark your calendars: Friday and Saturday, October 15-16, 2021 - The remix party of the year, in-person, featuring the FastLoaders for the 35th Anniversary of The Last Ninja, and the release party (finally!) for their album Amiga Rocks .


See Facebook link below for more details. Tickets and pricing to be announced later.

Submitted by LaLa

New Features on Remix64.com


We've been busy adding new features to the site, and updating some sections. Come see what's new - we think you'll like them!

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - May 2021


The monthly video news for May 2021 have arrived, thanks to Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. Have a look and don't forget to vote and comment on all those wonderful new remixes!

Submitted by LaLa
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GRG - A Tribute to Rob Hubbard

A Tribute to Rob Hubbard

by German Remix Group

We’re proud to present you our thirth album a Tribute to Rob Hubbard. Get it now as free digital download! The album contains 13 new remixes by eight GRG members. It’s total playtime is around one hour. You can download the album here as MP3 and/or FLAC. If you like the album, please leave us a LIKE at our Facebook site!

Check it out...

Listening Recommendation

 Parallax Loader (Dozen Delightful Mix)

Arranged by 0supereg0

Yes! Yes! Yes! Overall, a really inventive remix, very 'proggie' in it's feel and execution. My only criticism is the 2 minute wait from beginning to the entry of the picked guitar and nothing else to tickle the ears before. Another minute and the main protagonist joins the party, (the lead-guitar). For me, the remix really shines from around 3.57 when everything comes back into tempo. There are some super-delicious licks & riffs happening and the overall sound is very authentic. Lots of musical invention here.. it perhaps needed more in the first few minutes.. another instrument to entertain us while we waited for the main-guest to arrive.. Great effort & a really good remix overall..

Review by Poke16384

Random review

 Cobra (9mm remix)

Arranged by Infamous

Well Infamous?

I really love this bass you have created,sounds like something from Reason.

The sound for the main Cobra lead you have used i like very much.

You have changed the original Martin Galway melody though. If you want to change a melody then fine,but remmember its the melody that makes a tune.!

Try to keep the original main melody then build your own version around it. Make it your own.

All in all i still like this mix just for the mad bass! :-)

Its a good,

Review by M.A.F

Latest Review

 Why Not (Dope Out)

Arranged by Eivind Sommersten

That's how I imagine DRAX tunes fleshed out into "real" instruments! I definitely need to do something of sort. 2:10 part really screams for good "human" guitar solo though! Could provide if you want actually..

Review by Diatonator

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