Remix News - August 2021


Remix News, August 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio. There were quite a few releases that month, so this episode is almost 20 min long! Lots of remixes for your audial enjoyment!

Submitted by LaLa
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Out Now: The Sound of SceneSat Vol. 6


The 6th volume in the popular The Sound of SceneSat compilation series is out now, featuring such well-known musicians of the scene as Dafunk, D4XX, Danko, Jeroen Tel, LMan, BeeZerk, Jogeir Liljedahl, and many-many others on a total of 73 (!) tracks that will sure to keep your ears busy for a while. Although the compliation is available for free, donations are also welcome that benefit SceneSat to help fund broadcasts of demoscene events and parties.

Submitted by LaLa

25 Years of HVSC - article


HVSC turned 25 years old on July 12, 2021 and on this occasion The Shark (HVSC founder), Waz (former HVSC admin) and LaLa (former HVSC Crew member) provide a detailed account of the SID collection's history.

Submitted by LaLa

Back In Time Live 2021 - Canceled


Unfortunately, Back In Time Live 2021 in Bergen has been canceled, but with a possibility of the event returning in Spring 2022.


Due to restrictions in Bergen and too many uncertainties in connection with international entries to Norway, we are sad to announce that Back In Time has been postponed until further notice. We're aiming towards spring 2022.

Everyone that has purchased tickets, these will be possible to keep on hold or get refunded.

Thanks for understanding. Stay tuned! (FastLoaders)

Submitted by LaLa

Árok Party 2021 Remix Compo Results


Árok Party is over and the results are in! And the winner(s) is/are...

Submitted by LaLa

Remix News - July 2021


Remix News, July 2021 - courtesy of Lea, Mordi and SLAY Radio.

Submitted by LaLa

Árok Party 2021 Remix Compo


Árok Party is back! It's online only this year, but its traditional remix compo - the only remix compo at any C64 demo party - is also back.

Submitted by LaLa
Check this out
Instant Remedy - M1x3d Up front cover
© (C) 2020 Instant Remedy

M1x3d Up

by Instant Remedy

The album is more of an "extended EP" and not a full album since it only has 8 tracks. Some of the tracks are old remixes which never made it to commercial platforms but by working out the copyright stuff and remastering them now have found a way to your favorite streaming service. 4 of the tracks are original compositions I made some years ago which I remixed/remastered to make them fit your ears better. Although the styles of the tracks are a bit m1x3d (hence the album name), the primary direction of the sound is a classic 90’s dance style with SID sounds and crispy arp chords – the classic IR sound. This is what I think most fans will appreciate.

Check it out...

Listening Recommendation


Arranged by Slaygon

Heard it at BIT Live Bergen 2019, one of the best Lightforce remixes ever, very unexpected entry from Slaygon, but in the very best way possible :D

Review by Gohanks

Random review

 Comic Bakery (feat Hanna Kappelin & Morpheus)

Arranged by o2

This struck me like lighting, I just had to sign up to be able to review and tell everybody how wonderful this tune is! (This is my first review).
The vocals fits SO well to the arrangement which is solid and very well done. Everything feels so complete in to every detail. Good thing making the remix a non-dance version too, which O2 don't usually do anyway.
It's not so Jarre-ish as I expected at first, maybe because of the vocals. There are of course some classic Jarre/O2 sounds, but I feel the tune takes Jarre closer to O2 rather than taking O2 closer to Jarre which makes for a perfect blend.
I don't know if there is any reason for me to say anything about every little detail that is good, noone would bother to read this review to the end...

Now there is no doubt that Comic Bakey is my all time fave of SIDs.
I've listened to this remix at least 15 times and if I'm not listening to it, I'm humming it silently til my throat hurts.

Review by Instant Remedy

Latest Review


Arranged by Skaven252

Very good remix, nice to hear. Especially the steam boat sound at 2:23 is a cool fx.

Review by Dr Future

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