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by tomsk
30/03/2003 - 11:39
Forum: General Conversation
Topic: 10 in 1 Atari joystick
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10 in 1 Atari joystick

A little off topic I know, but i've recently purchased this cool gizmo and had many hours of fun with it. For those 'not in the know' it's a replica of the classic Atari 2600 console joystick that plugs into your TV and lets you play 10 old Atari games including Asteroids, Adventure, Circus Atari, B...
by tomsk
09/01/2003 - 17:48
Forum: Site Improvements
Topic: Categorizing remixes.
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Neil I must admit this does sound like a fresh idea which could work well. Regarding the comments on 'missing out' on certain tunes, and Chris's tough analysis of this :) I reckon that if you see a tune praised up to the eyeballs and rated highly then you're likely to give it a whirl even if it's mi...
by tomsk
28/12/2002 - 14:48
Forum: Work In Progress, remix suggestions, and musicians talk
Topic: Seeking Feedback For Rejected Remixes
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Re:Forbidden Forest

Hi Rob Being a rookie mixer myself and also having very similar tools (i.e. FL3 and SF6) I thought i'd give your rejected mix a spin and here's what I thought. Firstly - why use the sid ? Explore Fruity Loops and you'll find some beautiful instruments to re-create a much better sounding mix. Don't g...
by tomsk
29/11/2002 - 20:12
Forum: Work In Progress, remix suggestions, and musicians talk
Topic: Compo: win this and you take home a naked girl!
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Great idea and......

I really like this idea. How about a poll to see which tune would be the one chosen for the compo ? I know there'd be a lot of different tunes in th epot so how about limiting it to 5 or 6 and then pick from there. The idea of a lot of people taking one tune and interpreting it each way they feel is...