Funny place names

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Funny place names

Post by tas »

For UK persons....

Go here:

Type your postcode and see the results....

The results for Doncaster (DN4) were:

Shafton Two Gates (map)
13.5 miles

Penistone (map)
21.7 miles

Shatton Moor (map)
27.6 miles

Upperthong (map)
28.4 miles

Fartown (map)
29.2 miles

Camp Town (map)
29.3 miles

Jughole wood (map)
31.9 miles

Dick Slack (map)
38.3 miles

Fanny Hands Lane (map)
38.8 miles

Beaver Dyke (map)
39.8 miles


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Post by Chappers »

The selection for Grimsby (DN31):

Rimswell (map)
12.4 miles

Poke Holes (map)
13.2 miles

Fanny Hands Lane (map)
13.5 miles

Wetwang (map)
37.1 miles

Butt Mound (map)
43.1 miles

Cum Hag Wood (map)
52.2 miles

Shafton Two Gates (map)
54.4 miles

Camp Town (map)
62.3 miles

Penistone (map)
63.9 miles

Smoker's Hole (map)
64.9 miles

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Post by Subzero »

Theres a place in wales called twt hill, and a street in dun(g)dee called stench avenue!!

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Post by Waz »

Some of mine were the same as Neil's, but here's what I got for my postcode in sunny (!) Manchester:

Nob End (map)
10.8 miles

Ramsbottom (map)
15.1 miles

Butty Moss (map)
15.8 miles

Hole Bottom (map)
19.6 miles

Smallwood (map)
21.7 miles

Bottom Flash (map)
22.5 miles
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dan gillgrass
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Post by dan gillgrass »

Hard Crag (map)
5.7 miles

Breasty Haw (map)
9.7 miles

Randy Pike (map)
14.8 miles

Tongue Head (map)
19.0 miles

Gaping Gill (map)
29.1 miles

Cocklick End (map)
30.4 miles

Cockermouth (map)
34.0 miles

Great Cockup (map)
34.4 miles

Little Cockup (map)
34.5 miles

Willy Knot (map)
36.2 miles

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Post by merman »

Six Mile Bottom
6.2 miles

(Note: it's six miles from Cambridge at the bottom of a hill. Further along is Nine Mile Hill...)

13.2 miles

Shaftenhoe End
13.6 miles

Bummers Hill
19.6 miles

22.8 miles

24.1 miles

Cocks Green
25.1 miles

26.6 miles

Salters Lode
27.1 miles

(Note: a lode is a small river channel, many of which were dug by the Romans in this area)

Fishpits (map)
29.5 miles

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