Here's Fun... A couple of Live-ish! Videos.

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Here's Fun... A couple of Live-ish! Videos.

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A couple of live performance videos from last year with the band I was in, Kuttin' Edge.

We had an unusual setup for gigs which came originally from necessity...

I joined the band 3 years ago just as the drummer left to join a rock band, (leaving keyboards, Bass & Guitar). 'Plan A' was that the other guitarist, at the time, would go onto drums, giving us:

A drummer with harmonies - A Keyboard player who could sing lead & harmonies - A bass player - and me fronting on guitar & vocals.

I produced drum tracks at home for rehearsal purposes just to get the numbers learnt quickly and to get them tight.. and we then got really tight, really quickly. So.. I suggested that we stick to that format and keep the 2 guitars. Long story-short.. I filled out the drum tracks with other instruments where necessary, (i.e. Brass section, REAL Strings, overdub vocals for certain tracks).. The other guitarist left, and we were left with a 3-piece that worked really well!

So.. The instruments you can see are played live, (bass, guitar & keyboards), the lead-vocal & 1 harmony too. The rest of the sound is backtrack and it's all fed through the mixer etc, for the final sound...

It's the first time I've worked with this kind of setup but it worked really well, IMHO.. and I now understand why a lot of top-line artists :worship: do it this way too..

The Audio-mix for the songs is straight off the mixer, (rather than out-front).

See what you think!

(I'm the long streak in the middle.. obvs) :D
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Chris Abbott
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Re: Here's Fun... A couple of Live-ish! Videos.

Post by Chris Abbott »

Cheers for that, Peter :)
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