Commodore Remix Forum Rules

Talk freely about the scene, the world of remixing, or anything off-topic unsuitable for the "Fun Forum".
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Commodore Remix Forum Rules

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  1. Make requests politely, especially if you are new to the forum.
  2. Treat other forum members with respect.
  3. The official forum language is English, please write your posts in English only, to the best of your abilities. Any posts not in English will be moved to the "Regional Threads" subforum.
  4. Never post illegal or offensive stuff (piracy, porn, discriminations...), and please think of the children.
  5. Minimum post count: 20 before you can announce any commercial event or activity
  6. Don't "bounce" threads without adding additional information related to its topic.
  7. The Commodore Remix Forum staff reserves to change / extend these rules at any time.
  8. Have fun! :D

Last update: 27/04/2006