Monkey Island Mega Monkey Medley
Arranged by: AmiGamer
Original by: Michael Land
Release Date: 04/04/2007
All-Time Rank: 237.
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Listeners' Rating
82% (33 votes)
Very Good! 
3 firefox shouts: General MIDI????? Mix anyone???? No, sorry.     ::     4 Ziphoid shouts: Pretty nicely sequenced, although the blending of the tracks could have been done with a bit more fantasy. Perhaps a split of the some of the tracks would've made it more interesting.     ::     4 Makke shouts: I love the arrangement, but some of the sounds feel pretty cheap and flat.     ::     5 monty shouts: I don't care about technical imperfections as long as the spirit is there. Brings back great memories!     ::     4 Dr Future shouts: Who cares if it's General Midi, as long as it's enjoyable? Great task to put all those sweet melodies in a mix...     ::     4 XxDUSTYxX shouts: Good one!     ::     4 infamous shouts: All the monkeys in one place, a monkey island fans dream really.. Unfortunately not mine but as it stands its fine.     ::     6 onlineamiga shouts: Love it :) Good memories here.     ::     4 astralia shouts: Not the best mix of this song but its ok since I love Monkey Island and it still is one of the best adventuregames ever!     ::     5 Dumper shouts: A lot of tunes to put together here and I feel AmiGamer has done a pretty good job capturing the atmosphere of the original.     ::     5 john_cope shouts: Listen again. Some really good, catchy interpretations and lots of variety with appropriate transitions.     ::     5 nec5 shouts: Lighthearted and catchy. Nice.     ::     6 Magic shouts: Just great!!!     ::     6 apanloco shouts: This shit is top notch! Great work.     ::     6 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Wonderfull idea! A real "Happy Day" mix. Thx!:-)     ::     6 vurtx shouts: Quality work all round with maximum monkey memories!     ::     6 AMIGrAve shouts: A very `full featured` quality remix for one of my favorite adventure game. Thanks!     ::     5 Rapture shouts: Is the remix completely made with Korg keyboards? I love the Korg sounds! Been a Korg fan since the 90s!:)