GoldRunner (7'' Wuermji House Remix)
Arranged by: tEiS
Original by: Rob Hubbard
Release Date: 06/05/2008
All-Time Rank: 1241.
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Listeners' Rating
45% (14 votes)
3 Makke shouts: Where are the dynamics? The whole soundscape has been maxed out to one intense level. And it's just not well enough mixed for it.     ::     3 Dr Future shouts: Sorry, it doesn't work. The Lead-Instrument doesn't match with the rest, while the bass doesn't work as a foundation.     ::     3 Skitz shouts: How not to use compressors! Very muddy and pretty boring remix of a Rob Hubbard classic composition!     ::     3 romeo_knight shouts: Meeeeh. Bad choice of instruments. Wrong notes. All important bendings are missing.     ::     2 pj shouts: Well this is something... Awful     ::     2 prowler shouts: Poor stuff...     ::     2 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Sry, but this doesn`t work...