Shadow of the Beast - Instinct
Arranged by: julien thomas
Original by: David Whittaker
Release Date: 03/06/2008
All-Time Rank: 1208.
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Listeners' Rating
47% (17 votes)
4 Dr Future shouts: It's okay. Some nice samples here and there, nice stereo FX, but maybe to many styles in one track to get "big". The end is a little abrupt.     ::     3 Jim Power shouts: This remix could use some elaboration - there are a few interesting ideas here, but unfortunately the track ends before it has really started...     ::     3 Skitz shouts: Now we seem to be getting into MOD+DRUMS :)     ::     2 truck shouts: There's a sea of mud I'm wading thru to hear the main tune, and then in the middle there's a lead instrument that overpowers the original tune. Just not up to the Original's snuff.     ::     3 romeo_knight shouts: Like Skitz said. This is sooooo boring. Samples are low quality. Almost green smiley.     ::     2 Amok shouts: Sorry, but it sounds awful...     ::     2 prowler shouts: It's just a blend of too many things...     ::     4 lomaxx shouts: I don't see this as flawful yewel, but as an interesting pebble. Sound-quality and mixing ain't the best, but I like that it's a a little bit different. It's shortness is a plus. (not ment ironic)     ::     3 XxDUSTYxX shouts: This one can't convince me, sorry.     ::     3 Duncan Demerodt shouts: Man, that one halfes me... I absolutly don`t like the beginning, but I like the end, so it will be the neutral one.:-)