Hyperbased - OMG its a CUBE!
Arranged by: Virgill
Original by: Firefox & Tip
Release Date: 16/08/2008
All-Time Rank: 14.
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Listeners' Rating
95% (65 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Some sound fx of the original are missing and the mix is slightly over the top imho (close to agressive), but the whole track is stunning!     ::      Makke shouts: Excellent!     ::      Ziphoid shouts: I just love this version! Love the layering in the first part...     ::      Amok shouts: This tune was on my to-do-list... I think I should forget about it now... :D     ::      knotti shouts: Nice     ::      prowler shouts: Virgill makes a Enigma remix - it felt like a red face even before listening. (however, the lead after 2:25 is slightly too dominant/alone)     ::      juan shouts: OMG this is one of the best remixes I've ever heard. As simple as it may be: THANK YOU     ::      XxDUSTYxX shouts: Just like Amok said! Very well done, Virgill!     ::      shock shouts: Excellent!     ::      dafunk shouts: Absolutely fantastic, hats off!     ::      Trace shouts: This is very good, too repetetive for my taste though ;) Was thinking of do one myself but I am to lazy to get the cords right (on any amiga tune btw) :|     ::      d.a.wilson shouts: Superb Production Virgill! - It's a shame I don't know this mod as it sounds great - As a studio gear anorak I'd be interested to know what kit you've used to create this...:)     ::      Krede shouts: Nice... Very nice..     ::      nrg4 shouts: Brilliant!!!     ::      mooneyes1983 shouts: Very good     ::      KF shouts: Absolutely fantastic! Great job...:)     ::      schlicky shouts: Flippin awesome - got it on repeat - yay!     ::      commodoremuseum shouts: All time rank should be 1 not3! Fantastic-I still have the mod & demo     ::      australopitecus shouts: Incredible theme!!     ::      Skipper73 shouts: This tune is awesome. I've had this tune for repeat 3 hours now!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: I've never heard this tune before but I like it. Beginning reminds me of Decent and the rest of Second Reality. Good Job.     ::      Nebdar shouts: Yes it has got the power, and outstanding rythm     ::      Hamlet shouts: Too bland.     ::      PsychNerD shouts: Excellent work!     ::      _steve_ shouts: One of those songs that just never gets old - and a great remix of it to boot!     ::      alexh shouts: Nice remix but it is outshone by Amok's remix     ::      Mister Ghostie shouts: Quality stuff!!! Great arrangement and ideas - an excellent track overall.     ::      Melaure shouts: Great Track, I can see the demo just listening your tune :D     ::      lakanman shouts: As good as the first time I heard the orginal mod     ::      hyperunknown shouts: Loved the part with "oh my god it's rotating" -- that was exactly our reaction when we first saw it, this brought back some good old memories for sure :D     ::      james_mcl shouts: The best Enigma remix ever IMO - and OHMYGODITSROTATING!!!     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: What the hell? What a blast!!! Very well done!!!:-)     ::      sLASH shouts: Fanastic remix virgill!     ::      Voxel_saturne shouts: Best lyrics and the best amiga remix     ::      Grant shouts: Such an epic song. Don't miss it.     ::      Rapture shouts: Good, not so fond of the original tune though. Firefox did better., like Galaxy2 my alltime Firefox fav. But great remix nevertheless!:)