Hostages - Feel the Heat Remix
Arranged by: Shock
Original by: Charles Callet
Release Date: 05/09/2008
All-Time Rank: 29.
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Listeners' Rating
93% (39 votes)
Dr Future shouts: Perfekt rendition of the score. Great work - need more!     ::      Jim Power shouts: And another red one in my book... This is quality stuff!     ::      infamous shouts: OMG... Absolutely BRILLIANT I am over impressed with this bloody superb stuff     ::      The Milkyman shouts: Beautiful piece of adrenaline triggering music. Hollywood worthy.     ::      tomtom2000 shouts: Wow, very impressive!     ::      oxygen shouts: Wow!!!:-)     ::      australopitecus shouts: Not the best I think.     ::      Amok shouts: Great... :D Somehow ive got a strange feeling about the last votes on ar...:(     ::      _steve_ shouts: Amazing! That's certainly a good way of tackling a remix :) What can you say.. I am blown away by this song - just wish it was a litte longer!     ::      Mister Ghostie shouts: Great work!!! Love your arrangement of this track.     ::      Esion shouts: I don't like the sound quality but great idea & interpretation!     ::      Melaure shouts: What a track!!! Hears like a good action movie!     ::      xgener8or shouts: Cool :) I like it. Only thing that a bit bothering me was that lead electric guitar. Could have been cool to try and make it all orchestral, maybe with some epic horns instead. But very cool.     ::      koroner shouts: Masterpiece!     ::      Nebdar shouts: So so soudtrack masterpiece     ::      AmigaMelody shouts: Fantastic and film-like! I'd love to hear the complete melody though.     ::      Duncan Demerodt shouts: Greeeeeeeeeeat!!!     ::      Rapture shouts: Nice, yo those guitars. 0:37 I like the break!:)     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Would be a red if it was sampled/mastered better.