Another World (End Theme Remix)
Arranged by: Mano
Original by: Jean-Francois Freitas
Release Date: 03/11/2011
All-Time Rank: 13.
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Listeners' Rating
95% (54 votes)
Dr Future shouts: BEAUTIFULL! I'm dreaming away...     ::      neriakX shouts: Well done, very emotional track!     ::      Cube shouts: For me it's one of the best on amigaremix.     ::      SarahKreuz shouts: GrEaT     ::      Chesster shouts: Nice version     ::      xcrawler shouts: Mmm... Verry pleasnt to hear     ::      Jimbob shouts: A truly fantastic piece. Keep up the great work!     ::      SunSpire shouts: This is very, very good. Beautiful and emotional, great choice of sounds and solid arrangement.     ::      TheMessenger shouts: Perfect dreamy rendition of a wonderful tune...     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Nice man, I'd still like to hear some extra clarity out of your mixes tho. Think I was a bit harsh on the yellow.. Bumped to orange. I love what you've done here but please open up that sound stage!     ::      Isacco1975 shouts: Outstanding and beautiful remix     ::      AudioAutopsy shouts: Bravo.     ::      Stqn shouts: Nothing special, but good.     ::      betelzeus shouts: I keep listening to this one over and over. Nice, mellow, nice details in the background. Definitely one of my favs     ::      ZXDunny shouts: Happened upon this one purely by accident. Just gorgeous.     ::      Starwer shouts: Terrific! If I had that music when I finished this great game, I think I would have cried     ::      CoyHot shouts: Great remix!     ::      Miroku79 shouts: Wow... This tune is really beautiful, bring to me a lot of memories...     ::      Kate Eternal shouts: Fantastic remix! Keep it up!     ::      neglesaks shouts: A major show of talent     ::      DJs. DoMoDo shouts: Nice music tune :-)