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Peer Bonzelius
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September 2005
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Okay, I admit I didn't have a C64... I had a more or less exotic machine called "Schneider" in my home country (although on an international level, it's better known as "Amstrad").
Most of the C-64 games were converted to Amstrad, though - with the same (sometimes even a higher) sound quality.
My grandpa was a more or less famous piano player in Frankfurt (my home city in Germany) and left us an old piano on which I tried to play my favourite Amstrad games soundtracks. I never took any lessons, btw, I taught it to myself... frankly speaking, I can't even read or write notes or scores, but hey - neither could Chris Hülsbeck when he started to get into the business, and look where he is now!😉
Anyway, after a couple years, I got my Amiga which really set a new benchmark regarding sound quality. By this time, I had already turned from piano to keyboards, workstations, synthesizers etc - basically everything that deals with synthetic music.
Even today, in the PC era, I'm still a huge fan of Amiga and Amstrad games, and with my equipment now allowing me to do much better cover versions of the soundtrack of my favouite games, I thought it would be a good idea to sign up here at Amigaremix and remix64 to share the results of my passion with the rest of the world.
So, if you love music the way I do or if you spent days (and nights) in front of your C64/Amiga/Amstrad/whatever like I did... then consider yourself member of the group of people i create my remixes for!
ROTY 2005

1 Best Amiga Remix


  ▼ ReleasedTitleActPlatformOriginal composerRating
07/09/2009Eye of the Beholder Wrath of Xanathar RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Paul Mudra 85%
08/03/2009Elite 2 Frontier Motion Picture RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Dave Lowe 72%
06/05/2008Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 Screaming Tires RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Barry Leitch 71%
14/09/2007Eye of the Beholder 2 - Main Theme RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Frank Klepacki & Dwight Okahara 86%
14/09/2007Dune intro remixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Alex Ekian 76%
14/09/2007Concerto for Lasers and Enemies Motion Picture RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Chris Hülsbeck 86%
23/07/2007Odyssey Parts 2 and 4AmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Greg / Alcatraz 81%
05/04/2007Monkey Island Mega Monkey MedleyAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Michael Land 82%
26/01/2007Winter Games
(Gold Medal Medley)
AmiGamerc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
David Thiel 68%
20/09/2006GliderRiderAmiGamerc64 SID remixes Remix.Kwed.Org
David Whittaker 62%
28/08/2006Lemmings:Tribes - Medieval Lemmings RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Brian Johnston, Raymond Usher & David Whittaker 81%
29/03/2006Seven Gates of Jambala - Heavy Metal GatesAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Jochen Hippel 66%
29/03/2006Desert Dream - Part One - Sunset Dunes MixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Anders E. Hansen (Laxity) 94%
02/12/2005James Pond 2 - Robocod X-mas mixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Richard Joseph 84%
29/10/2005Turrican 2: Freedom - Western RemixAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Ennio Morricone & Chris Hülsbeck 84%
24/09/2005Turrican II - The Great BathAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Chris Hülsbeck 87%
24/08/2005Monkey Island ThemeAmiGamerAmiga music remixes AmigaRemix
Michael Land 77%
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