Enigma Gun (Extended Mix)
Arranged by: neriakX
Original by: Romeo Knight
Release Date: 02/11/2011
All-Time Rank: 7.
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Listeners' Rating
97% (59 votes)
nummer2 shouts: I really enjoyed this remix :) Keep on remixing and welcome     ::      Dr Future shouts: Sounds pretty nice! Very good job!     ::      cybfree shouts: W00t!     ::      romeo_knight shouts: This is amazingly good. You managed to stay true to the original still have your own take on it. Good production, too.     ::      Ironeagle shouts: Sensationel Remix... Absolutely fantastic!!!!!!     ::      Spoonwzd shouts: Wow. Fantastic production on this remix. Had forgotten about this RK track. Defo going on my iPod! Keep up the good work :)     ::      theslash shouts: Nice tune, oldschool with at touch of mordern sounds...     ::      Cube shouts: RSI+RK+EG+NX=awesome remix!!! I just cry when I remember those days :)     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Instant classic.     ::      hillsman shouts: Not familiar with th eoriginal, but this is technically excellent and highly enjoyable!     ::      Hx-20 shouts: This is one of the best remixes I have ever heard. Can't stop listening to it. Fantastic!:-)     ::      SunSpire shouts: Like a trip to dreamland, wonderfully done!^^     ::      allister shouts: This is a profressional quality mix. Very well done, my favourite on Amigaremix so far.     ::      Mordi shouts: This is one of those rare tunes that just work so well!     ::      A-Lin shouts: Exquisite!     ::      TheMessenger shouts: Brilliant and high quality! I love it, although it's nothing really spectacular...     ::      Spoky shouts: Brings back good memories!!     ::      Sidewinder shouts: Sounds so bedazzeling, this is one monster track! Well done sir!     ::      Rapture shouts: Great sound :)     ::      celina w shouts: Wow!!!     ::      MatrixRevolution shouts: Good sound!     ::      Comajim shouts: Sweeet. Gonna grow this song to my classic library.     ::      Codetapper shouts: Never heard the original before, but this is amazing. The beat reminds me of the famous C64 Strike Force/Movers cracktro which is a great thing!     ::      nugged shouts: Impressive!