Woody's World - Title
Arranged by: Instant Remedy
Original by: Blair Zuppicich
Release Date: 27/01/2015
All-Time Rank: 28.
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Listeners' Rating
93% (37 votes)
Marcus shouts: Well Done!     ::      Matt Smith shouts: Not just a glorious reworking of a charmingly fun and quirky theme but, for me, absolutely evocative of the fun and excitement of being a young Amiga gamer in the 90s. Smashing.     ::      Trackah123 shouts: Sounds nice :) great choice of sounds.     ::      JChambers shouts: OMG, I loved this, seriously under-rated game! Awesome to hear a remix after all these years!     ::      softwarefailure shouts: Remedized!     ::      nummer2 shouts: I mean seriosly I have no idea how it is even possbile to put so much amiga soul and sound into a 2015 remix. Great remix IR :D     ::      Isacco1975 shouts: Beautiful     ::      infamous shouts: Loved the original amiga soundtrack to this sorely overlooked gem of a game and this makes my ears very very happy.     ::      FStarred shouts: Great instrument selection and mood     ::      Rapture shouts: Great remix!:)     ::      Zlorfik500 shouts: Sounds great!!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: Instant Remedy = instant red?