Enchanted Land - The Cave
Arranged by: Moonshine Fox
Original by: Jochen Hippel
Release Date: 27/03/2019
All-Time Rank: 157.
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Listeners' Rating
86% (32 votes)
Aknotronic shouts: Love the retrovibes troughout the track. Great mixing. Gonna listen to this one for a while :).     ::      softwarefailure shouts: Great track, the ending is epic!     ::      Ryrynz shouts: This is great! You could do another version of this with some less chippy sounds     ::      beldin shouts: Outstanding!     ::      LMan shouts: Really like the vibes in this, excellent drums and backing. Since you asked for feedback, the lead sound could be a bit fuller / more prominent.     ::      guru512 shouts: White Supremacy in Excellence!     ::      skyrocker shouts: GREAT touching of SOUL respect