c64Hades Nebula (Enhanced Ingame SID)

Arranged by: Anders Hesselbom   Veteran
Original composer: Ben Daglish
Tune length: 4:13
Release date: 04/04/2015
All-Time rank: 1417.
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5 Tremix shouts: Hard to describe, but this really cheers me up!
5 LaLa shouts: The SID leads sound a bit thin compared to the rest. But I do like the energy of the arrangement of this rarely-remixed great tune.
5 Brosa shouts: Bouncy and cheerful. Very nice remix!
4 PhotonSCX shouts: A bit of a wild mix (slap bass, dibby toms, and rock rim) but you did one-up was what perhaps not the best of original tunes, said with fond memories of the game itself.:)

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