c64Tiger Mission ingame remix

Arranged by: David Filskov (act)   Veteran
Member: David Filskov (Odkin) (member)
Original composer: Johannes Bjerregaard
Tune length: 2:41
Release date: 18/04/2016
All-Time rank: 1022.
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Tiger Mission ingame remix

Sounds created with MPowerSynth VSTi (apart from a few drums) in Reaper.


It's my first arrangement in years 😊 - glad I found those two pieces of software last week so I can finally start making music again.


Tiger Mission ingame remix
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5 bastard shouts: Fedt! Velkommen tilbage David! :D Welcome back David!
5 LaLa shouts: Calm, soft remix with a touch of Jarre-ish effects. Me like!
5 KATODmusic shouts: Nice lead. Interesting sound of whole mix. Good job.
4 ChrisBond shouts: Well done
6 ms shouts: Simple, very original, good sound, I love the remix!

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