Arkanoid - Techhouse RMX

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Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Martin Galway
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Hope you enjoy this little remix in an Electro-House / Tech-House Style



DaXX roXX my soXX!
I can definitely see it raise the roof in a club, but here at home listening with my headphones it just doesn't rock that much: the needle seems to be stuck on a single phrase.
Personally I'd drop the violins during the break parts since it doesn't set up the oncoming onslaught of omfg wtf instant <3 as effective as it would have with some cool electro style synth sounds. Keep it up, love your work!
More C64 remixes please, Mr. DaXX :)
Love the drums im always a bit afraid to let them hang out like that and compress them down a little.. Daxx is a fearless S. O. B and gives us a flying tech kick to the face.. Fantastic stuff.
And what a welcome way to begin 2010 now...!
Excellent one, but violins and lead synth sound ruined great remix.
I'd give this a red if it had a bit more bass. Sounds a little weak in that area right now.
Not my kind of stuff, but very good. Perfect floorfiller with cool length. No I don't think it's weak in the bass department :)
Good remix indeed
Technically flawless.
Although I'm not a big fan of the chosen genre, this is a great tune. Btw, it has more than enough bass! My subwoofer says hi. =P
Great work, but I was hoping for the title tune instead of the (rather boring) highscore tune ;-)
Brillant reinterpretation of a classic... Would love to hear this one in the dance scene!!!
Have to agree with LaLa on the needle filosofy... It's too boring in length, and too much "mee too! Trancy", but it's well done and to the point!
Oh, yes, groove it. This is soo my kind of stuff! Bangin' stuff mr. Crusher!:)
Absolutely filthy. By the numbers, yes, but oh, what nice (and fat, and danceable) numbers they are! Bonus points for quoting Kraftwerk, like all good little techno tunes ought.
Ho ho hooo. Play that in my club! Great mix there, Daxx, though personally I would prefer the extended clubmix :)
This... Takes me places! Loving it!
That makes me happy if I sad - very great!
It daXXes! (new word better than roxx ;) )
Sweet song with good tune! Flawless! :D
Nice effort, but not my cup of tea!
<3in it!
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Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I can just say WOW!
The production values and technical skills are top notch. The beat is really catchy and thumpin'. Cool effects and stuff to go with the beat. Structure is actually pretty interesting and keeps you listeing to see whats next. Only downside with these kind of remixes is that the closer you get to a *real* dancefloor remix the further you get from the original. DaXX went all the way to get this to the floor and it succeeded with highest marks. DaXX fattest remix to date (and I've probably heard them all).