Golden Axe - Wilderness

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:
W. O. W! Dwarf force returns :)
Jeroen's wonderful tune beautifully orchestrated. For a red one I'd wished one or two nice suprises, now it was made quite by the numbers. Very nice to listen still._22.12.2014
Incredibly detailed orchestration of a wonderful theme. Brings a tear to the eye for those old enough to remember playing the original!
I think this sounds nice, but I do feel like it's very airy and floaty. Missing a strong lead tone. It's like background music to a movie. The bass is great, and the whole mix is quite huge.
Sounds greatly orchestrated, tho overall it sounds a bit muddy together or too reverb-ish. The bass should be more low frequencies, melodies more punctuation on the high frequencies.
Great stuff from beginning to end!
Hollywood is calling:)
Daxx is obviously a Golden Axe fan :) I played it already in the Arcades in the 90s!:)
Very atmospheric!

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