Lotus 3 (daXX feat gibs Remix)

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Patrick Phelan
All-Time charts position:

Guitars by gibs (Michael Gibs)

Remixproduction by daXX (Bert Brüggemann)

THIS sounds better than anything I can hear on the radio actually. DaXX + gibs = aural extacy!
That is definite not my favourite Song of the L3 soundtrack. But daxx squeezed the maximum out of it. Funny part @ 0:58 XD
What? Daxx AND gibs? A dream come true! And what a rush! Great work! Mooooreeeee!!!!:-)
Sounds like you've thrown a bit of Turrican in there! NICE! You do the best Lotus remixes man, hands down!
Great job! .. Has a nice "Race" feel to it!
Sup DAXX. Best remix from you so far! Great job! Sometimes you lose the feeling the original versions had in your remixes. I think you have stepped backwards to step forwards! GREAT WORK!
Rock on! Fantastic highly charged version of this well known Lotus tune :D
Lotus+zool & daxx+Gibs = awesome ;)
Oh my god :O:O:O awesome guys! Btw, daXX thanks you're back!
What I can say? ... Just pro!
Brilliant remix of Space Ninja. One of my favourate Lotus III tracks
Maximum overdrive right there!
I find the vocals very strange, but the guitar and overall mix make more than up for it. Awesome! How many people remember this was a track from the game 'Zool' as well?:)
Great quality and instruments! I don't like some of the elements so much (especially the vocals), but overall it's very, very good work!
I love lotus and I love this remix, too!

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