Lotus III - Breathless - daxx Remix

Track info
Arranged by:
daXX Veteran
Composed by:
Patrick Phelan
All-Time charts position:

Lotus III - Breathless - NeoTrance Remix

Original by Patrick Phelan - Remixed by daXX

Get the original module here: http://modarchive.org/data/downloads.php?moduleid=38696#breathless.mod




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Breathless? .. Breathtaking more like.. Awesome
Totally agree with Infamous. Nothing more to say :)
DaXX must be an alien...
Starts off somewhat like MARRS Pump up the Volume - then just explodes into an amazing dance/trance track. Awesome work daXX!
Awesome! DaXX rulez
Great! Lotus III goes dream trance :-)
YEAH! I was looking for a good remix of this masterpiece and this is just great! Maybe a little too long...
Great one as usual :D
Nice track... Good work ;-)
Awesome remix! Perfect for clubs and probably good in a car, but I still do miss some of the feeling that the original tune gives and it does go boring after a while.
OHHHH! Fantastic!
I'm in awe, outstanding remix
Superb remix
I expected some more...
Simply brilliant - well done, daXX!
Daxx, you are the man.
Great. Period. Love 2:16 and 5:51...
Very good but it didn't make me breathless.... ;P
Superbly executed! The randomness of the synths in combination with the beat, bass and breath samples sends chills to my bones! AWESOME!!!
Awesome and beatyfull remix!
Gosh! This remix is dangerous!! When I listened it my VW is changed to Lotus (Two credentials) ;) Great job!
Very good relaxing sound! Nice work buddy.
Not familiar with this track but I like what I'm hearing - sounds great and is very catchy.
Sounds great, but gets somewhat trivial after 4-5 mins..
Amazing remix
It blowed my speaker :(
I want to see 'breathless' on the top!
Best Amiga remix ever... Congrats!
Simply nice!:)
Don't like trance very much.. But this is awesome IN ANY CASE!
OMG! I`m breathless! Very well done!!! Thx.:-)
Extraordinary!! Pure enthusiasm!
Great, trancy song!
Amazing tune. The title is fully accurate. You absolutely must listen to this while driving your lotus.
This is probably how a modern Lotus remake would sound like :)
What a kickdrum!
I love the whole concept, reminds me the 90's techno world. Thank you!
I Like it!!!

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