c64Street Surfer (OrganQuickstep version)

Arranged by: Ronson (act)   Newcomer
Member: Rune Duus (ronson) (member)
Original composer: David Whittaker
Tune length: 1:25
Release date: 24/09/2005
All-Time rank: 2749.
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Made with Yamaha Tyros, GoldWave and ACID

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REVIEW BY evilcensor (11/11/2005)

I have to say I like this made me smile nicely done.. not just a synthy mess like some other tunes I've heard.
Technical Impression: 4
Artistic Impression: 4
Nostalgic Impression: 4
Overall: 4

3 Tas shouts: Nice idea, if only it was actually any good.
4 kwed shouts: Cheesy to the max. But I can't stop liking it nonetheless.=)
4 anaconda shouts: Nice tune, but a bit short.
4 eliot shouts: Nice retro... Maybe too short and lacks a bit of inspiration
5 gemini_64 shouts: LOL! This is how Street Surfer would sound in Mambo Kurt's world. Very funny!
3 striker shouts: It wasn't too bad, just short and not much out of the ordinary besides the style of remix. Good for a quick laugh of those who remember this tune
5 flarfy shouts: This tune really puts me in the right mood! It's simple and it's short, but still... G R O O V Y!
4 lbantonsen shouts: Were is the end???
5 LMan shouts: LOL :) Extra points for being very funny!!!
6 exo shouts: Nice work Ronson. I hope you will make more remixes! This is top notch!:)
4 omoroca shouts: This style is perfect for this tune, or you could say, this tune is perfect for this style. Good one!

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