Please read before you request!

The place for musicians to share their knowledge and ideas about music and remixing, and to post WIP snippets and feedback. Also suggest tunes for remixing, here.
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Please read before you request!

Post by Larsec »

1) Please be sure to mention if it's a tune from the Amiga or from the C64.

2) Please be sure to include information on where the tune is located; HVSC path and subtune for C64 tunes and where the tune can be downloaded if it's for the Amiga.

Use SIDFind if you are not sure where a certain C64 tune is located...

3) Any information on what you have invisioned the tune to be may also be helpful

Example 1:

"A remix of Lightforce would be nice..." <--- Bad

Example 2:

"A remix of Lightforce would be nice... It's from a C64 game and it can be found in the HVSC /Hubbard_Rob/Lightforce.sid... I always thought of this as a guitar driven power chord kinda remix... Thank you in advance." <--- Much better